A list of changes that I think PSO2 needs in order to be more inclusive and appropriate for more players.

@Anarchy-Marine that always had happened and will always continue to happen however is now a minority that continues to be this way while the majority are just accepting the freedom of choice, now the next point is accepting sexuality that in west society is considered bad while violence is freely accepted

@Jamesmor Yeah, that never made sense to me. Sure, violence in a story, where it's needed makes sense, but senseless violence in kids shows for instance, made zero sense. Then you look at natural bodily function, and for some reason, people are still so ass backwards about it. Ignorance of what you naturally feel, is about as dangerous as a person with zero experience holding a firearm, or any weapon or sharp object for that matter. I'd rather have people with understanding, and comprehension of what they are seeing, rather than just keeping up the ignorance of it. Even in a game, a story needs that nuance of characters, just as complex as what you'd find in life, or you wind up with bland characters, and poor writing in a story, and this game is no exception.

Again, this is just another forum troll, that I'm sure is using an alt account or two on these very forums to cause drama. There needs to be a method of tracing users that have more than one account, so that the GM's can find and wipe all but one, their main, so that they stop being able to create issues here. I know people like this are real, and they do exist, but rairly do they play video games, and never do they create an account, both on a game forum, and on Twitter, for the sole purpose of spouting off what they feel to be problematic, as they'd already have that account long term. And they definitely wouldn't have waited several months to do so.

The only time that happens, is when people they don't like are enjoying something, so they make it their lives goal, to take away that happiness.

I really only agree with two points: Cutting down on the lewd/NSFW symbol arts and having hair/accessories/outfits/etc available for everyone since there are some male outfits that looks really cool that I want but can't use for my main (I have a male character that I don't use as much, though). All of this other stuff just reminds me of Tumblr circa 2012-ish and it makes me cringe a little.

@Irisundone Just block the players doing symbol arts you find offensive. As for the outfits, I agree, that was the only, and potentially reasonable point. That said, the game wasn't designed from the ground up with male and female outfits that were designed to be unisex. Only the hair was.

I have a better idea to make this game better for all players. Remove any and all censorship.

Please stop derailing the topic of the OP.

EDIT: I might be called an alt account and people will look for me on other websites 😞

@Ashe-Kinsilla Nothing we said was off topic, everything we covered was on topic of a troll post. That or the post of one of those deluded Twiiter folk, that also happen to make multiple alt accounts, to make it appear as if more people think as they do. The game doesn't need to be censored in the way OP claims it should be, and any censorship put in place in the first place by the developers was just as unwarranted as the censorship OP is suggesting to the story and the outfits. It's an M rated game, and the content has been this way in Japan for years. If someone doesn't like it, they shouldn't play the game, or just don't use the aspects of the game they find offensive, but let other players continue to enjoy what they do.

Also nobody was going to call you an alt, so all that very defensive edit did, was bring you under suspicion for something that would have never been considered had you said nothing about it.

Japan PSO2 is not Global PSO2.

This person was just expressing their opinion. If it is someone trolling, ignore it like you're supposed to do with all the trolls and twitter folk. If it is a troll then the GMs will lock and delete the thread. Ez pz.

I think a good chunk of you believe that suggestions don't get passed down to devs, so you have no reason to ask them to remove the thread since they do not care about suggestions.

"Please do not put down the suggestions of others" Is inside of the first thread in this part of the forums.

You do not know if this person is 100% trolling. There are many different people in this world and this could be someones opinions. The fact that people tell them from the start they are trolls, toxic ideas or "nah" is putting down their suggestion.

You could always do what you told someone else to do in this thread. "block the players doing symbol arts you find offensive" Just block the person or ignore the thread.

EDIT: I messed up a sentence and didn't finish it. big dum play.

@Ashe-Kinsilla It reads as a troll, when both this account, and their Twitter account were both made at the exact same time, to literally post a few things, and then on their Twitter, call the fans of this game creeps and pedos. It reminds me of when Palidin/Knight a former user of these forums made multiple alt accounts to harass and troll the users that wanted censorship removed, furthermore, they went so far as to pretend to be a fifteen year old girl to try to win their argument. That's something I can't, and won't forget already happened, because given that person's mental state, and those like them, something like that can, and will happen again.

What you are suggesting the rest of us do is to sit quiet, and not disagree with that idea, giving any passerby the idea that the user base is totally fine with this person's opinion, and it gives the false narrative that we support it as well, when many from what I've seen don't. Why should this new user get special treatment, when at no point on these forums have you stepped in to tell Leap or Apollos the same things in the other suggestion threads? You contradict yourself here, and that, combined with the past posts you've made in those aforementioned threads are also contradictory.

Edit: And yeah, I plan on blocking this user, because at no point in their original rant about things they are offended by, did they ever consider that they aren't the only one that plays this game. Those skimpy outfits for instance, sell like hot cakes, because I see them quite often, as about as often as I see full on dresses, gothic or otherwise.

Censorship is literally suicide for the success of a game. at least 99.5% of the fans hate it, and a LOT of people are sticking with the JP servers even with the 300 ping cuz its not censored to high heaven.

home from work and this dumpster fire is still burning

I'm personally not going to call anybody a troll, but I will disagree with many things on the initial post, though not all of them. First. The changing of words needs to stop. I mean, let's review the word "Master". Are we now going to purge that word completely out of the dictionary? Will a Masters Degree need another name? Master Chef? A martial arts master can't be called that anymore?

I believe very few people will have real PTSD issues by seeing these words used in a context not related to what caused the initial trauma. Those are serious cases that DO exist. But I doubt too many people have fallen into such state. I feel most people who post wanting word changes either have very thin skin for the Internet or just jumped into some bandwagon to feel they are doing something for society, when they are actually not achieving anything. This was more or less some of what ex President Obama talked about some time ago when addressing cancel culture, so I'm not the only one thinking like that. You want to heal the wounds of discrimination? You go active and push your elected officials into policy. That's the best way.

As for outfits and such. I also believe there's a lot of unnecessary skimpy stuff in this game that was not part of the older games in the franchise. But I'm not demanding their removal anymore. Nor the removal of the lewd emotes. I mean, I may not like it but this is a Japanese product. And from Japan we get things like anime, which normalized stuff like harems, skimpiness and sexuality between high school students as a form of comedy that many enjoy. So who am I to go against what's selling best? I mean, female VAs play those roles and apparently they like it and are having fun with it. So as long as the actual real humans are not being objectified nor harmed, I suppose I can shut my mouth on the issue.

Lastly, Elder. Please don't mess with one of my favorite characters. Heck, I'm sad they didn't use him more, as he's the one with the direct approach nobody else dares to do. And many of his EP5 skits are funny. So what if he swears a lot? I do the same in real life. lel

I think I can agree on the clothing for all, even though I don't swing that way. It may ring well with the current surge of Anime content about characters dressing as their opposite genders or completely identifying as such that's being included in modern productions.

There is a difference in "toxic troll blah blah blah" and "I disagree with you, let me explain" Like you are meant to do on suggestion boards. Even if they are trolling, a GM will take care of it.

Also, I can tell you that its like 1% pro censor, 1% Anti censor and 98% do not care.

Forums are dying. Not just PSO2 forums, but as an idea. I really don't really care how this game turns out. Name changes? Oh no. Scenes deleted? That sucks.

If they censor the game more, then its their choice.

Also.. a good part of the other 70+ page thread has people telling others to ignore the suggestion if it doesn't apply to them. Why cant you do the same for this thread?

EDIT: ZorokiHanuke Has the best way of discussing topics.

this is why forum mods need to check user IP and ban users who create alts for the purposes of trolling.

the OP has stated numerous things here that 'offend me' & i believe they have a right to say as they wish, but never the less this type of "cater to me" type of mindset is toxic & has been not only a detriment to having a civil conversation in America but has become a blight upon the world in recent years.

outside the single suggestion of having outfits (in the future) be non gender specific. these are imo the worst "suggestions" i've heard for a game in years, or perhaps ever.

the thing about character models, and clothing is the clothes were not designed to conform to a mesh (char model) of the opposite gender, as they are 2 separate models & would have needed to be designed for this in mind at the start.

censoring words like "master" makes little or no sense at all in the context expressed in the original post. a butler, servant, or maid as example may still refer to their employer as 'master' but it has nothing to do with slavery, past present nor future.

there are real issues of slavery that persist in this world, yet followers of some internet rhetoric seem to think they are helping the world somehow by censoring the subject entirely. rather than participating in actual attempts at advocacy or activism to stop the REAL WORLD atrocities from occurring.

@Ashe-Kinsilla Thanks. I think I do what I do because regardless of a person trying to be a troll or not, there's a real human being behind that keyboard. And maybe we can appeal to that human being if we can address them with the right words. Not always works, but I don't see reason not to try. Plus, I want people to practice and share respect regardless of views and opinions.