I dont know what Im doing and what I should do


I played the game since the steam release. But not too much and with much break. I just log in, do some daily quest, watching concerts and claiming campaign rewards. And sometimes if an urgent quest appears I do it.

Im now an hunter lvl 55 with fighter as subclass. I skilled guard and not fury. My gameplay was pretty clueless and just button bashing. I was never sure which PA I should use. I read some guides about the usefulness and combos of a PA rotation. But still wasnt sure about I because I read something about crafting PA (how do I get the mats?) which was essentially for a rotation.

And I dont know which weapon I should use for my current lvl and where I could get a better weapon. And units was even more complicated.

The game seems rly fun but it is overhelming aswell. I played many MMORPGS but this game is pretty different to me.

So I don't know how to fight good, what my goal is, where I could get better weapon and what I should with my inventory which is filled with trash. And is there a way to bind pa to keys? Like guard? I don't want to waste my action bar for guard. Instead I want just to press for example F to guard.

there are a lot of guides out there, and what I use for my photon arts and guard is 3 button setup with a Logitech G502 gaming mouse, so I have side buttons for PAs and shift to switch sets, my right click guards.

Pso2 has a lot of not very straightforward progression, as well as the freedom to build how you want, which can be confusing for veterans of more hardcore "balanced" MMOs which dont give you many options.

There are guides out there, also check out the class section of this forum.

To answer the straight-forward questions:

  • You get the materials for crafted PAs by dismantling lv11+ PA discs in the crafting menu, particularly any Melee PA discs
  • You can set a dedicated Weapon Action key from the Keybind Settings in the in-game Options menu, so you can have Guard be whatever you want it to be.

I haven't played Hunter as a main so take this with a grain of salt...

Weapon Progression (assuming sword):

  • Sigma Zeredder: should be able to equip now
  • Sword Revolsio: can pick up via 13* Collection Folder from NPC in gate area (Prinn?) next to Koffie
  • Lightning Espada: can get for 200 unique weapon badges (badge shop on 2nd floor of shopping plaza)
  • Fornis Diene: similar healing potential to Espada but may be cheaper on Player shop
  • Nemesis Calibur: can get for 400 unique weapon badges
  • Elder Pain Omega (EPO): very rare/expensive drop that's aspirational atm
  • Atlas Ex: Not released yet but you can work on getting its components from Zig now (Atlas Farder and Lumiere Lamina)


All of the above can also be bought on Player shops so I'd check prices whenever you log in. And if you prefer using Partisans I'd suggest much of the same weapon series: Sigma, Revolsio, Nemesis, etc. However, I hear the Jild Girola is one of the best right now and not too pricey (relative to EPO).

As for Units, you should be able to buy a full set of 11* Brissa units from the Player Shop for relatively cheap (I'd pay a little more for decent augments). They have a nice set bonus and you should be able to equip now. You can also get them from Rising Weapon Badge (RWB) 1s which you'd get by trading in RWB 4s at the badge shop (2nd floor of Shopping Plaza).

From there many us got the 12* Circuray set using RWB 2s which you can still do. These don't have a set bonus (so you can mix and match) and all 12* units can have Left ring skills added which is nice.

However, these days I believe you'll receive a set of 12* Stella Wall units with decent 5-slot augments from a title once you get 2 classes to Lvl 75. I'd recommend using these as a stopgap and saving your RWB 4s.

The Cleasis units are the ones to work towards atm and you get them by upgrading Ivlida units at Zig. And you get Ivlida units from the Buster Medal shop (farming Buster Quests (BQs)), a rare drop from BQs and the Dragon UQ, and possibly a rare drop from Bewitched Woods exploration on EH difficulty (would have to check drop list).

@Bilal k first off if you have discord join the group called Phantasty Star Fleet https://discord.com/invite/pso2.

when you join go to rules-and-roles so your able to access more of it. then you can go to en-guides-and-info there you will find AMAZING guides for each class

plus you will be able to ask more veteran senpais for help on various things