Thanks to the servers i've lost another Bonus Key

Not even 10 seconds after expending my bonus key and killing the mobs, the damage doesn't shows anymore and then i'm disconnected. NICE

Why don't they at least make it possible to reenter quests after a dc?

Why Extreme Pass is stackable and Bonus Keys not?

It's hard to do quests this way. Got dc even three times in a row on a urgent quest, then I tryed again with 5 minutes left and no one came... droped it. NPCs sometimes don't even show up, I just see the counter empty for some time and get disconnected.

bonus keys not stackable as they have an expiration date. There seems to be a issue with xbox as alot of framerate lag that can actually hinder everyone else in the mission. i am playing from my laptop for now till the xbox issue is fixed

Bonus keys should be stackable and have no expiration date, as being posible to reenter after a disconnection if nothing was changed. If they can't make the server do the very basic, at least should make it easier for the players on cases like mine.

@VósMicêSama said in Thanks to the servers i've lost another Bonus Key:

and have no expiration date

Say goodbye to being able to exchange them for tokyo gold then. Since that's the only balance they have for them having an expiration date.

Well, 1 Tokyo gold give less exp than 5 Tokyo silver, so it's ok for me. More space for other items.

They already do the same with exp ticket, taking 5.000 exp on the exchange... win win Sem título.png

I am having the same problem with unstable connections recently, even though my internet is working properly outside of PSO2