Bought the Nier Collab items from Steam but still have nothing.

I linked my account to Steam. Then a day later I decided to purchase the Nier items on the store. Nothing has showed up yet. My friend got theirs almost within minutes. It's been over 18 hours now. You took my money so now I'm a little cheesed off.

If you purchased DLC/SG/AC etc first time on steam, it will take 24 hours until you receive them. Its in the new patch to combat stolen credit cards, botters etc.

Multiple thread already created with the same topic.

Ah that makes sense, same issue. Will wait 24 hours before I start troubleshooting.

So I got the items but only got HALF of what I ordered? What the heck is going on? I only got the three 9S outfits and a poster. New A2 stuff. No weapons. Nothing else. I checked my storage, I checked my inventory. I checked up and down the visiphone. I double checked all other storage. It's just not there.