New player to pso2 looking for active ship 2 alliance!

Hello my name is ben im 30 years old been a fan of pso1 back in the days and i started playing pso2 2 weeks ago. I dont really have friends that play mmorpg in real life. I am currently playing ranger/hunter lv 79/58 mag almost 200 and im starting to gear little by little. I am looking for a fun and active alliance with who i can grp up to do ultimate quests, urgent quests, and most importantly have fun together. I have discord of course and im planning to play pretty much everyday at least 1 hour. Pm me here or ingame name is Kailo in ship 2. Ty!

Yo. Our alliance runs Ultimates & other 'endgame' contents, check us out perhaps or can chat me up ingame and on discord if you are interested in joining. Cheers

im already in an alliance but there is not much grp going on so ill think bout it and will contact you

@KYBELA im already in an alliance but there dosent seems to have much grping up for content so ill wait and see whats going on and will contact you soon when i take my decision.