Cyberpunk 2077

Anyone else have this game pre order / going to pre order / going to get it when its officially release on the 19th November? Are you excited about this game? Because I do and cannot wait!

Cyberpunk 2077 — The Diner

Seen a bit. Seems interesting. But I want to see how it really is first. I may also want to get a better GPU, if this damn pandemic allows for some actual travel of goods other than plain food.... Also, I'm at that age where pre-buy and hype doesn't move me much.

@ZorokiHanuke Seen abit? trying to avoid as much spoiler as you can?

@YoRHa-No-2-Type-B Not really. In between doing PSO2 dailies and real life, my day is full. So not much time to delve into gaming news and other things I could be doing if I had more free time.

I want it but its expensive as hell and money is precious and scarce. Maybe sometime.

Seems like we will need to wait a bit longer delayed again

More time to find the money for it at least.

i feel like the corners that are going to be cut are going to be massive. the hype is real. but, overall i think it will be a good game. just a bit different than what people were expecting...

I won't be able to for a while.

  1. Have to buy new eye glasses in November. (Going to cost a pretty penny. My eyes are too sensitive for contacts.) Hoping for Rimless or something so I don't accidentally break them after a couple years from cleaning.
  2. Have to try and get a new phone in December. My Nokia 6.1 has screen bulge because my USB-C charger overheats the battery due to fast charge. (Would be nice if we could turn off fast charging, but that's not possible in Android.) The bulge is causing the screen not to activate sometimes. Especially when it goes off due to putting it close to my ear then taking it away to push a button. (Screen stays black.) Phone has to be unlocked, because I use tracfone.
  3. Want to buy a PS5 (Digital version at some point in 2021.) To replace my PS4 Pro.

I only make about 800 USD a month. Would be nice if we got another Stimulus check so I could instantly tick off the new phone. I'll probably end up having to wait for nearly half a year before I can buy Cyberpunk 2077, but by then people will have reviewed it enough.

Aside from stimulus not achieveing real stimulus I won't deny it helps people who are currently without jobs or struggling. The pandemic has wrecked our economy when it was just starting to try and get back up.

I wonder if that mexican beer company will change its name?