Ship 04 Allianze gesuch Ger/EN/NA

Heyas PSO2 Alliances. Im a newbe to PSO2 and im playing since 2 weeks now on ship 4.Im a mmo/mmorpg and teamplay gamer since over 25 years,so this genre isn't new to me:) but now im looking for an Alliance who got room for a newbe like me:) im still learning every day some new stuff and maybe someone can teach me some more about this game and stuff i need to know. if anyone read this and still got room,i would be interested in joining if possible.speaking english isn't a problem to me.if there is a german alliance out there on ship 4 would be nice but not necessary,i still can talk/speak english as,to anyone who is interrested to get a new meber,pls dont be shy and talk/write to me:) Ingame Name: Delentes Class: Sum/Fight lvl: 60/51 if this help to get in contact with me:) Greetings Delentes

hi, falls du nicht so sehr an schiff 4 hängst, kann ich dir gern einen platz bei uns in schiff 2 anbieten. Hier unser discord link