Too Many Players Under-Leved for Crimson Fellwyrm

It has been several times already I have been getting into the Crimson Fellwyrm UQ set to Very Hard (Level 70+) and a bunch of players between levels 40-50 clog the instance.

They wind up spending most of their time on the floor since they can't survive the attacks and the few people who actually meet the level range have to work extra hard to actually complete the run.

There needs to be a better way to filter out level ranges for these things so people can actually do these events with out an insane amount of irritation.

why is a 70+ Difficulty even allowing people level 50 inside?

People should need a level 70 main class and at least level 50 subclass to do that.

Are you actually looking at their levels? Or just assuming because they're dead? You literally can't join XH dragon til you're level 70 main AND sub...... People are bad dude but they can't join you underleveled. Please actually read the quest requirements before posting something like this. They're just bad, not underleveled.

@SuperND420 Why did I see tons of level 40 to 50 people in SH then?

@SuperND420 A lot of them party up with me before I even enter the gate ship, so I can clearly see their main class level.

@LazerRay @ZeeHero9271 yoooooooooooooo i misread what you said my bad, I thought you were talking XH. ok so to clear that up i actually had this confusion myself back in jp years ago. the level you see next to the difficulty level is the Enemy level. VH is like level 40 to enter i think. SH (Super Hard) should be lvl 50 or 55 to enter, XH is 75. I've never ran dragon on VH before so it didnt occur to me that VH dragon is lev el 70, thats uhh... wow Sega thats not nice lmao. why u do dis

what you are seeing is related to the level range of UQ that in SH goes from 50 to 74 and because that giant gap you gonna see players with huge level discrepancies, nothing can be done about it after all Sega never cared to re-balance those gaps.

Looks like its mainly the Hard and Very Hard settings of this UQ that are having the issues, but hard to tell since I haven't run every difficulty mode for the Crimson Fellwyrm yet.

Normal mode = (I haven't run this yet)

Hard mode = Very few players show up and someone activates the instance countdown to start the run, making it a mess since not enough players are there.

Very Hard mode = Most of the people who should be running Hard mode are here, making another mess of the run since they are easily 1-shot by the dragon repeatedly.

Super Hard mode = This one actually runs correctly, players are in the right level range and the run goes fairly smoothly much like most other UQs.

Extremely Hard mode = (I don't have access to this one yet, the option is greyed out since I don't meet the requirements)

When people with bad gear and bad skill fill your group you are boned, and the former matter far more than some useless levels.

@Ren6617 Your point being? I'm not going to hate on someone who's lower level if they arent dead on the floor the entire time, in a game where all damage is avoidable with enough fight knowledge and skill.