I hate those meseta bots, but part of me thinks that I can see why people would do them. I never have done nor do I support that, as that is one of the reasons why the market is so broken. I have 1 monomate to sale at 9billion Meseta for hope that 1 day I can get out of this poorness. But I do feel that the market is very much broken?

I am not saying full on control but I am saying some boundaries to keep it from getting out of hand would be a nice way to go in NGS.

How about item limit caps for market. Recently there was a good example of a bot that owned a lot of the market items. They had 20+ of all the rare items from AC scratch. Once they got banned all those items are forever lost from the market. The market right now is still recovering from all the lost items and even more sellers are selling items are ridiculous prices.

I played scratch for the 1st time, was holding on to my Founders tickets and really loved the Halloween items originally and wanted to get a few of them back on NA. No way. I am surprised that 80% of my draws where enhancement items. I understand everyone's luck is different. But I think with this type of luck either remove them completely or add another bonus at shorter intervals. This will help keep the "wanted" market items more accessible.

I just don't even bother with the market really anymore. I buy a few items when I can, hold on to a few and try and re sell later. I am not a fool, I know there are plenty of other ways to make meseta and I do make around 10 mil a week with 5 characters but it's not really how I want to play especially with how badly destroyed it is. I know a few friends on other ships that have it way worse.

All I am saying, is allowing for more items to be tradeable/sellable including items from fresh finds, mission passes etc would benefit the market overall. Look how bad things get when illegal (but before sellable/tradeable items) get into the player market. Some people make profits and that is how they want to play, but a lot of these players got the head start the wrong way. NGS will not use Meseta, which is a good thing but there still has to be foresight. Sega can not allow the market to be destroyed the way the NA is now. It just won't help the player base if people want to find alternatives. I get it that sega wants to make a profit, but don't screw over your playerbase either. There has to be an equal balance and right now the way the market is going it is only contributing to one side of the player base that took advantage of broken systems and rules. We will keep reporting when suspicious behavior is up but so be it. I still remember Pop star being owned by 1 person, 30 times.

What do you guys think? Should there be more limitations in NGS? What are some ideas on making the market better for NGS? Maybe make personal shop free and premium up to 60 items for market selling? Well, here is hoping things get better.