• Are you looking to enjoy all PSO2 has to offer with some chill individuals to run with?

we like to relax & run endgame content. really we run most anything.. (for ex. things like Ultimate 2) i did say "all", so that of course includes content like Urgent Quests, Busters, AQ, Triggers, TA, Casino & more!

  • Do you have the potential to lead a squad in Ultimate or Advanced Missions?

we have leadership positions avail, please specify interest when you apply.

look, this isn't Pro CS leagues, its not a job so no one is expected to play every day. that being said i have managed teams in the past and many guilds across a wide variety of games. PSO is a game series i have been fond of myself for many years, & plan to be in this for the long haul. so its not all about super sweat, but many of us like to play hard or challenge ourselves ingame.

so you could say that we are looking for players of a similar mindset ^^

we aren't the largest guild in the game, although you'd be surprised how quick 100 spots can fill haha we dont have specific gear check requirements as there are many viable options in the game in fact i should mention we aren't entirely strict on meta either (play what suits your style) & can offer assistance in questions both meta or non-meta gameplay related.

  • We primarily use Discord in combination with ingame alliance chat, as ingame 'chat bug' is an intermittent occurrence

To Apply Contact me Here


at the Visaphone find the Player Search or character search feature... IGN: (char) Kybela (player) KYBELA


Discord: VERTEGREZ NOX#8956 (don't forget to add as friend if your privacy settings are set to auto-mute incoming communications)