What suggestion can we give the Sega team that makes the NA platform distinctively different than the JP platform? Something even JP veterans didn’t see coming.

I suck at this game and I am ok with that! I just want raw face rolling power! Can I beat her with that if I get it high enough? Is it possible? I don’t have the finger muscles memory to be an expert. But still enjoy the game in spite of my own shortcomings.

@Blade-Syphon I totally agree. Military settings can be hard for translators since it's such a niche thing. Two scripts I'm working on right now involve the air force and football and I know nothing about either lmao Thankfully I have the time to research at least.

Nice! I'm a big English guy too. Honestly it's a requirement for a good localization to not just understand English but to be kind of a nerd for it imo. There's so many nuances to cover.

I've been meaning to play Xenogears. I'm a big Xenosaga fan (at least episode 1--been a while since I played 2 and shamefully never got to play 3) and the depth Monolith puts into their titles would make it a pain to translate I bet. Especially when you're on a time crunch and don't have much wiggle room. One translator I'm really impressed by is Jeremy Blaustein. He's the dude that translated for Konami in the late-90s and early-00s on stuff like Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill 2-4. Going through his scripts, you really see what good localization looks like first-hand. More often than not, I agree with all of his creative decisions.

@RainGnyu I doubt you suck. Just because you don't get super invested in being perfect doesn't mean you drop the ball when it comes to gameplay.

@ApollosAmour wow you know your people! Now this is the guy people need to be listening/reading to and about!

Reference to quote about Jeremy Blaustein.


@RainGnyu He's honestly one of my inspirations. Seems like a real cool guy too.