Cleasis the “meta” unit set currently?

From what I’ve read and looked ho, nothing comes close yet. And LS is a bit off.

Ofze units is slightly better.

you are right, pretty much are the best all round, only the combo ofze/cleasis is better for damage (back and arms ofze/legs cleasis), but if you are not blessed by RNGjesus with that drops, full cleasis is good

Yup but keep doing them PD runs hoping to get the ofze units xD. 40+runs and only got legs.. -.-

Wew~ already can upgrade Ivlida - JP didn't get it until well into EP6, so it's pretty decent as it's EP6 unit.

Still remember grinding endlessly for wella/hanging/tag board series for EP5.

Cleasis and Ofze both can be upgraded to 13 star later, Ozfe will lose the set bonus but each pieces will be better than the Cleasis upgraded Schvelle pieces.

I have that unit from the forest that has like 90 ranged attack built in on the leg until I can find the PD arms.

@Albedo said in Cleasis the “meta” unit set currently?:

Ofze units is slightly better.

the Ofze SET is better, but you lack PP and HP; a mix of Ofze+Cleasis is the meta. The new Omega pieces are fantastic for PP though and one specific ATK stat.