Buster medals grind?

Is there a ways to get lots of Buster medals? cause to get 3+ levels you need 5000 medals to unlock it (the whole party needs to do the same ) but Is it even possible to get that many medals?

If yes , can you or anyone tell me how to get it other then buster quest lol cause thats the only i know

Buster Points and Buster Medals are not the same things. You should be getting about a hundred points, at the very worst, whenever you win a Buster Quest.

@Malcom63 as already called, it not the same the buster points you need to que in 3+ than those that you recieve in buster medals. There is no secret to farm more, only you need to que 1 free match and then 2 main match (when you win a free matchan and you are rank 3 o 3+ you only get cleasis boosters and buster medals in a good quantity, 18-20 more less), the 2 main match will have a triboost effect that can give some more medals at the end.

Happy farm then

just an extra thing to add,you can do 2 free matches and 4 main (you can stack the free match buff twice)