Make coated edge camo work on tmg a talis like in episode 5

I think the coated edge sword camo should work on tags and talis like they show in the episode 5 cut scenes.

There are separate Coated camos for those weapons in the game, albeit unreleased on the Global version (along with Rifle, Rod, Katana, Soaring Blades, and Wand).

It would be nice, though, if they made a combined Coated camo that covers all weapon types.

@AndrlCh I agree on that, having the Coating Edge covering all weapons will make this camo more memorable than just being a sword camo

An all in one would have been a better choice to begin with for all skins, as it brings uniform to your entire weapon list, and also specifically for this skin, would have brought uniform to the weapons you use, and the cutscenes in the story.

Either more all in one camos, or ability to equip more than one. Or both, maybe.

@ZorokiHanuke Maybe there is a better system in New Genesis. Seems like the developers have been trying to improve on core mechanics overall, at least based on the developer dives, and previews.

@Anarchy-Marine I heard they will ditch visual units but add more accessory slots on NG. If some of that love could spread to camos...

From the latest livestream for the JP version; they are going to be adding a combined *Coated Weapon camo to Zig, but it looks like you need to trade in all the previous Coated camos to get it (not 100% on that since the image is blurry):


Of course, the way of acquiring it may be subject to change once it is added to the Global version.

@AndrlCh Most likely we need one each of every type of them. Pausing the video around 1:17:20 seems to show the exchange process.