More Ways to Get Non-SG/AC Weapon Camos?

I get that SEGA needs us to pay for AC and SG to help keep this game to stay alive, but maybe in the Episode 6 update we could get more places to get them? Like Zig's shop or a way to get the 3rd Anniversary camos unless we're waiting for the next anniversary?

I agree that they should make a shop for weapon camos. Furthermore, I think they should allow taking any weapon and allow making it into a camo, which would be much more useful than the current, permanent, Weapon Transmutation system.

@Home-Rowed Yeah, it doesn't make much sense to use that to be completely honest. They could have it like in Guild Wars 2 and store the skin in a "wardrobe" so that we could use a pass to change the weapons appearance, or meseta as a fee (not to a ridiculous degree.)

in one of the next updates in JP they will be adding a new camo option from old weapons in Sig so they are already doing this