Instead of telling people not to use allies in Ultimate Quests/Bewitched Woods...

I literally just replied to a YouTuber that posted about this.

I think the misconception is that high level players think that there's a ton of players running this stuff. There just isn't. Especially on extremely hard where I'm already annoyed that some of my characters don't have a subclass at 75 because it's not useful to me but then they are locked out.

I was doing a mission by myself and ran into other players who complained about my bots. I got rid of two bots and left my techer because those boosts are so valuable and I run as a force so my shifa/deband only last for it seems 30 seconds. As a force I toss out heals so I can stay alive, but I'm not playing a support role because my techs do pretty decent damage.

For solo players the beauty of running with bots is that they provide distractions and buffs. Sometimes I even run with two checkers and a summoner that can hit at a distance. It's a perfect scenario when I don't want to be bothered with other people. Locking myself in a room so no one else can join is pretty dumb imho.

Absolutely it's dumb. I recruit 3 bots but I also have active recruit on, when I actually want to full-play with ONLY players then I turn the matching setting on and the lobby WILL eventually fill and it WILL clear super fast compared to bots, however I use bots because I likely want to take on the castle when I leave so I don't forfeit all my earned Dark Blast EXP and it's a lot easier with Techter/support bots, turn it from a 3 min fight to 1 min.

Look, your bots are a hassle and there are not enough people currently online at any given moment for you to essentially have an entire lobby of enchanted forest to yourself because everyone is leaving when they see you have bots. Bots are not for ultimate quests and they’re not for the new expedition, which dolls out 14 star weapons and 12 star units. You want actual people with you to quickly take everything down and not waste everyone’s boosters that they might have paid for tbh. Bots don’t do anything remotely marginal damage wise and the utility you get out of them is far surpassed by an actual human. So just join a party from the county that’s in progress most people will welcome you with open arms and then throw your bots in the dumpster and set them on fire

Declined. When I want to play with NPC allies, I toggle the setting off, and when I don't I toggle the setting on. That's what the setting is there for, by having that setting disabled you agree to have NPC allies in your lobby.

Yeah but like I said, the games population is not high so you’re a huge contributor to the reason why you and everyone else who uses bots in high level content gets so much shyt. They were literally made for you to complete the expeditions for the first time on normal mode. When you enter a room with bots turned off you’ll notice you’re one of 2 people for 15 minutes until you finally give up and turn it back on just to find someone like you running around like an idiot with bots in denial of the fact that they’re worthless. you’re essentially the reason why people are discouraged from entering pugs and it’s funny because this was not a problem at all on Japan servers. They truly do just have more common sense /hand eye coordination/ intelligence / manners lol. Just stop being ignorant and get rid of your bots on at least HIGH LEVEL CONTENT FFS where people are trying to farm.....Bots are for CLIENT ORDERS.

I've never had an issue with matching only real players turned on to fill the lobby, if you do then you're on a low population ship like 3 or 4.

I’m on ship 2 sweetheart

@baboonized said in Instead of telling people not to use allies in Ultimate Quests/Bewitched Woods...:

I’m on ship 2 sweetheart

Then spread the good word. On ship 1 this matchmaking option always produces full lobbies just like with it off. With it off there are allies filling those other 9 slots, with it on it's 11 other players.

Well I tried, have fun being incorrigible and never getting any good weapons or anything and having everyone be pissed at you. You want to live in a small world where you dictate everyone else’s misery willfully ignorantly then be my guest.

@baboonized There is to be no harassment in these forums, or in game, according to the GM's and if you or someone else is doing that to a player who summons bots in the forested expeditions, you will likely get a ban if caught. If you can't be bothered to change a setting in game, that prevents you from running into said bots, as shown in the screenshot, that is on you. You need to grow up and stop being lazy. And so too do the people that give other players that use bots sh*t. It's unreasonable, and not fair to others.

I’m not harassing anyone, you or whoever says so needs to grow some thicker skin. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m abrasive, but there is no harassment occurring here. I gave it to him/her straight up, my opinion on the matter, I didn’t sugar coat it 🙂 too bad. So sad. Anyways. There is the option to turn it off you are correct. And in a perfect world that option would work wonders. But as I’ve already stated. This game, across all ships, has a low population. The first person to reply mentioned and the OP agreed with that statement. I’m on ship 2, and although since the forest was literally just released you could argue that you can use the no bots allowed feature with ease, I can guarantee that within a weeks time that will all change and it will be as dead as Amduskia Ult has become. Yet people are still going to be farming and the last thing we need is a bunch of bots running around pugs, causing people to rage quit, and causing arguments on the mpa like I’ve seen way too many times. And btw, if the op is writing about this, it means they’ve received backlash from not just me but many others. After all they’re citing a YouTube video regarding the topic. So why, if you realize you’re getting so much hate for doing something, would you continue doing it. Furthermore, if you do get complaints, enough to warrant this forum post, it means more often than not you’re involved in situations where there WERE ENOUGH PEOPLE TO FILL THE MPA YET YOU STILL HAD YOUR BOTS OUT, that is stupid. This is not a solo game, everything you earn essentially relies vastly on drop rate, which is increased via grouping up, breaking parts, and being efficient in a timely manner. Bots and the option to use them should be ditched by the time you’re even in the enchanted forest, and you or whatever sheepish person will never be able to convince me otherwise

@baboonized Ok, so you are selfishly telling them to essentially play solo, as the matching in this game, even with open lobbies, rarely works as indented, and randoms that aren't apart of your group can't be relied upon for help, and even if they were in the group, depending upon the player, they could still be unreliable. As you just stated, the population is low, so your stuck running these by yourself, and even if the population was high, there's a good chance that the matching system would still throw you into a solo lobby, so most average players just use bots.

The harassment I mentioned, was not in these forums yet, as you stopped yourself short, but in game, who's to say you aren't the type of person, based on your replies here alone, that would harass other players for using bots. You need to hop off of your high horse here, because you are making an ass out of yourself.

Edit: Also the edit you just made to yours, before I finished typing, was one hell of an elitist attitude, and nobody likes an egotistical pri*k. Just saying.

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If I want to play primarily with other people then I simply tick the checkbox, if I don't then I don't. My primary goal in ally participation = allowed lobbies is to complete until I reach the exit of the map, and then DEFEAT THE CASTLE, because it has specific loot items I'd like to have a chance to get and which I do get very often, such as Jutus weapons. In farm lobbies, I do just that, farm, with 11 other people and a 0% chance of there being ANY NPC allies because I checked the box... It's what the setting is for and people DO use it.