An Inconvenient Halloween Bonta Beadda

is there a specific location where i should be hunting these things??

i have eliminated quite a few of them since getting this order but im not getting credit for them.

it would be nice if the devs would give us just a little bit more information in these client orders like where we should go to find what they want us to kill or at least an image of what they want us to go kill, and if it needs to be from a specific area then tell us! i have so many client orders that i have no clue where to go to complete them and because the NA version changed names and spelling of some things you cant just google it because all you get are the JP PSO2 results and they dont match at all.

Unless it specifically requires you to do the kills in the Trick or Treat UQ, you can find at least two of each of the Toy Falspawn in the Haroktan TA, with a max level of 70; if the order requires anything higher than that, you would have to do the Daybreak Province SHAQ +10 (for lv71) to +28 (for lv80) Risk.

it just requires level 1 .....

they are the teddy bear looking ones correct??

@MasterWimbley Yep, ones with the box ears, not the pointed ones.

Also, for your reference, the NA/Global ARKS-Visiphone does have a listing of enemies with their official English names:

didnt know there were different ears... guess that explains why i haven't been getting any credit... again would be nice if they would just tell us where to go to complete the orders B^(

Daybreak Provence!!!! i was in Nightfall .... figures

@MasterWimbley Well, they can appear in the Nightfall Province Expedition as well, but only during an E-Code. It's why I stick to the TA for all Toy Falspawn orders.

I think the first story quest with battle in chapter 5 of episode 5 has 4 Bonta Beaddas. I checked this up on JP, haven't progressed the story on the global server that far. Sorry about I can't name the exact quest or can't confirm the quest actually have the same number in global too.

Besides this, It looks like that Harukotan TA is the most efficient way.

Here's what I always find to be super helpful:

1.) Pick a quest you're interested in and would like to find out what enemies are commonly seen. Click the difficulty you're interested in, and select "View Quest Log."

2.) Select "Enemy Log."

3.) Then you can see the enemies that have been encountered, as well as the frequency of their encounters.

Here's the Enemy Log for the TA Harukotan:


It's actually higher for ARKS Quest: Suppress Anjadeurili


Hope this helps!

@GM-Deynger But you do have to keep in mind that TAs are guaranteed spawns unlike ARKS Quests, and due to the fact that Harukotan TA is always the exact same 100 enemies, the percentages you see are almost exactly the number of each enemy you will find in the TA (ie. there are two Bonta Beadda, three Solza Brahda, four Mudr Toykatta, etc.) . Plus, you can finish the whole thing in less than 2 minutes on Normal, meaning that it is also more optimal for your time instead of having to run around hoping the right enemy spawns.