Latest patch, and stability improvements.

So this last patch, I noticed that the game is running a lot smoother,and even on the heaviest block full of people, I had almost zero screen lock. In fact it's only locked once, and that was because I pulled up the lookbook. Combat is smooth as well. Even on a screen full of enemies, I haven't had frame rate drops. Overall I don't know what the devs did to fix it, but I greatly appreciate it.

I'm not sure if anyone else is having the same user experience, so I posted this in general to both see if other users had those positive improvements, and to relay my appreciation to the developers via the GM's.

Now that you mention it, yeah!

I've always had a barely-perceptible micro stutter, something like one frame dropping every second or so. It's had no effect on my gameplay, as I could only really tell it happened when moving the camera slowly around in a quiet area like the alliance quarters, but I knew it had been a thing for months.

After seeing this topic I checked again and... it's gone. That's pretty neat! Whatever optimisations were done to make that happen, I'm in approval of. Thanks devs!