Reward for Battle It Out! (9/2) was not distributed

The 14 October maintenance was meant to distribute the rewards for four past campaigns:

The first three of these appeared in our Visiphone as detailed in their announcements, alongside a trigger provided by a new campaign and compensation for the player shop outage:


However the Battle It Out! rewards were not. Specifically, this was meant to provide up to three SG Tickets depending on the highest rank players reached:


I've confirmed with multiple other players who were higher than Rank A5 before the start of the campaign and did not fall below A5 during the campaign period; they have all not received any rewards for this campaign.

Meanwhile I began campaign as Rank B2 and was A5 at the beginning of the 15 September maintenance; I also received nothing. This rules out the possible requirement to rank up into one of the listed ranks during the campaign period to qualify for the reward.

I've submitted a support contact request for this issue (tracking number 63522).

Following up, someone who received some (but not all) of the rewards shared an image of the Visiphone text corroborating the website description of the reward requirements:


This cannot be correct. Too many people who never ranked down below C5 received no rewards at all, and too many people S5 and above only received the C5 reward only, or the C5 and B5 rewards.

At this point it is pretty easy to conclude the requirements as consistently given are not the requirements the game applied when checking if we qualified for rewards.

One possibility I haven't yet ruled out is the campaign not realising we didn't start on 0 ARP. If it wanted to see us gain 100/300/700 ARP during the campaign period, that is not the same as being a certain rank at the end of it. But that possibility and several others would require reviewing how the campaign checked eligibility.

And I'm calling for that review, because this is a recurring campaign and this is likely to keep happening every time it reappears, costing players a huge amount of SG over time.

This has now received its first acknowledgment and commitment to investigate from the @play_pso2 Twitter account:

Understood! We will relay this information to the responsible teams and investigate this report further. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, have a great day!

Hopefully it will be easy to identify what happened and make sure it won't happen again in the ongoing October campaign.


Though it wasn't covered in the maintenance notes, today's maintenance also distributed the remainder of the reward for the September campaign for those of us who didn't receive them last month.