[SHIP 1-Feoh] SwagDragonZ

Now accepting all Newcomers & JP Veterans alike to bring out their inner SWAG!!!

Casual/Community based Alliance that grows and thrives with its members.

  • Respecting all members no matter who they are, IRL or In-Game.
  • Alliance Community Events that will sure to get you more thrilled here at SDZ!
  • Veterans may help educate the fine new minds of PSO2 to get them completely hooked in the game.

Alliance Discord!!!

  • Basically what I just said on #1. that will be done both in-game & on our official discord.
  • Chat with other members more fluently & frequently here.
  • Talk about other games
  • Get guides & tips on how to be a top tier ARKS
  • Party hard with your allies in the #Fiesta Chat +Music
  • And so much more (Yet still abide by #1.1)

On both XBox & PC/Steam

All members from both platforms will all be welcomed to join in on a greater PSO2 experience! YES, I can multi-task (when I can =w=)

EDIT:I've decided to change ships. Now we on Ship 01 baby!

                     Discord Link: https://discord.gg/5CjFzMd