Game launches on wrong monitor (pt.2)

I didn't want to necro this thread, so making a new one.

Basically, i've been having a issue ever since the steam version was released... Mainly speaking, the game keeps on displaying on the wrong monitor. And after each time i restart the computer, it keeps rearranging the numbers with no rime or reason.

Example: I have a 3 monitor setup. My 2nd monitor is my primary/main monitor. I select monitor 2 under environment settings. I start the game. The game displays on the 3rd monitor (right). I exit and do the same process, then selecting monitor 3 or 1. It displays correctly and plays fine. I then restart the computer and launch the game again. The game is now playing on the 1st monitor (left). Without changing any settings. And now its either 2 or the other one that i didnt pick the last time that is my primary monitor.

This. happens. every. single. time. No matter what i do or what i change. Still it gets randomized between my 3 monitors on which one is the primary one. And this is the only game that does this, no other game that i have have this issue.

I fixed it, thanks to some guy on a discord im in. Basically, you have to edit the user.pso2 file under Documents\SEGA and navigate to your PSO2 version (NA or NA_STEAM) and scroll down that file to Windows.

This was before editing

Basically, edit the Height3d, Width3d, Height and Width values to whatever monitor size your gaming monitor is on (mine is 1440p, so 1440, 2560, 1440 and 2560. Entering in those values manually fixed it. (Also try to adjust DisplayNo to either 0, 1 or 2. 0 = 1, 1=2, 2=3)

Not sure why the Steam version is the only one that messed with a multi-monitor setup like mine (was fine on both JPN and MS versions), but that fixed it for me regardless.

hard to say what is causing it, it could be the order that the monitors are connected in the GPU, it could be that is not overwritting in the configuration directory for lack of permission, it could be that doesn't recognize the writting directory after reading it

I have the same problem, and I had it with the MS store release as well. I have linked my account to Steam but dont believe it has anything to do with this issue as I have encountered it in the past. However, my issue comes back, the settings are still saved in the config file, the monitor is still selected in the launcher. Moving the window from my side monitor (also 3 monitors) using shift+win+arrow moves the window but my side monitors are 1080 and my center 1440p, so i get a borderless window in 1080 on my 1440p monitor. I have checked every area this configured and looked in the registry to see if something might be there but did not notice anything.