How do you get a chronos eternistone?

I'm quite new to this game, so I didn't know much about the zig's weapons or crafting. I'm currently on lv 80 and I see this new weapon on zig which require 4 things and one of them is chronos eternistone. I know how to get other stuffs, but I didn't know how to get chronos eternistone. Do you guys have any idea on where to get them? Thank you and peace out

I believe you can get 3 at the moment:

  • Completing Level 30 of the current Mission Pass (on the free tract)
  • Enhancing ("grinding") any Val series weapon to +35. Note, if you get a Val weapon from the new Collection Folder you'll need 6 copies to increase its Enhancement Cap to 35 (default is 30 on weapons from vendors, but 35 if you get the drop in the wild).
  • A title reward from unlocking 600 titles

In the future I hear we'll get one more guaranteed drop for completing all of Episode 5's story content (some still gated atm).

Oh and the announcement for the new Dragon Urgent Quest mentioned that they can also drop there, but I hear the rate is so low that you'll likely never meet someone who got it to drop.

@Rang-Dipkin much appreciated man! Thank you!!!

@DamnBandits24 No worries! And I should've mentioned that I think the one you get from enhancing a Val weapon to +35 will be given to you from the Title Counter as well (not automatically added to inventory).

I heard it drops very rare also on Black dragon?

@ErK18e7 is not a very rare drop is just that the rate where it drops is low so you end with 1 or 2 per UQ but it can be traded using badges 4 that are not difficult to get now

@Jamesmor Maybe you're talking about Chaos Malossistone? If Chronos Eternistones dropped 1 or 2 per UQ, that would be amazing...

@ErK18e7 At least they confirmed that Chronos drops in Crimson Fellwyrm (however small the chance might be), expecting it drops in Black Fellwyrm too is quite reasonable, IMO.

@Fiona-Respha oh yeah sorry I did mix both, that one will drop better when the next series of weapons come that probably will happen next week after maintenance