Chaos Malossistone

Hi where do I get Chaos Malossistone from? I currently have 6 and I need a bunch for a weapon upgrade where can I farm these from? tried doing a search on this forum cant seem to find much

I've gotten a few each time I've done the Dragon UQ on EH. Don't know if it was from the 12man or 4man fight though, and unsure whether grade affects amount/likelihood.

I also hear they're dropping in the new Haunted Forest exploration area but I haven't been in yet.

Lastly, you can exchange Rising Weapon Badge 4s for them in the Badge Shop. They are fairly cheap, especially if you're doing Xia's new daily quests, but keep in mind we have a lot of needs for RWB4s atm (in particular for Jutus weapons and Schvelle Boosters).

@Rang-Dipkin said in Chaos Malossistone:

the new Haunted Forest exploration

Is that really what it's called? I know in JP's fan translation, it was called Omega Forest.

@coldreactive Sorry, was just being lazy on my phone, Google says it's officially called the Bewitched Woods for us.

It drops in XH Bewitched Woods Exploration, mainly from the golems and the flame demon whatshisname. It might drop in lower difficulties of the same quest, but the drop rate will be much lower than XH, I guess.

It also drops in XH Crimson/Black Fellwyrm UQ. Again, it might drop in lower difficulties, but the chances will be slim, I suppose.

drops in the spooky woods, or you can buy em with rising 4 which you get from halloween UQ