camera and targeting system is the worst

the worst camera and targeting system i have ever seen since sonic 06 for xbox .... I mean is there actually someone behind my character with an actual camera I play on a controller and controlling the camera and targeting a specific point on a boss its a nightmare and frustrating any chance the devs will focus on this part of the game

You'll get used to it

alt text i think i got plenty of time to get used to it

@dwarfing You can also play around with it in settings. I know I had to change the targeting system from analog movement as it never locked properly. So I have it set to linear (Legend of zelda oot) enemy/item lock. A little better.

I agree with the OP. And these are the points I hope to see changed in NGS. At least the camera there looks different...

There used to be a way to pull the camera out further using the ARKS Mod Tool. The developer stopped working on it several years ago.

Being that the camera is a fundamental and integral part of the game, it would be hard to tweak it just slightly. I would recommend allowing us to alter the regular/default camera setting in the camera choice system, so that people can freely change where they want the camera to be when not in OTS. Though because of the way the camera adjustment system works, the developers would have to find a way to make it so the default/regular camera adjustments don't affect the OTS view (which it will if they just simply straight up allow us to change it now.)

Well sadly, if after all that play time you still have problems with the camera, that means it will be a permanent problem for you. Nothing anybody can do about it, and the game won't get fixed either. Not saying anything bad about you. Just that some people get it, some don't, and that's natural and nothing to feel bad about. Game controls and cameras simply can't accommodate everyone's play styles and perks.

I've had some problems with this camera when trying some more precision targeting, which is why I usually work around it through soft targeting and tossing an AOE. For ranged play, OTS view and old manual aiming solves much of it, unless using a controller... When we play these games, one player will get to issues someone else may not have. And since in the case of PSO2, I doubt the development of NG will be stopped long enough to adjust stuff for us here, all we can do is make our feedback known and hope NG will get it fixed.

I agree completely. Its just infurianting how bad this aiming/lock/camera system is. I just cant grasp why the hell my character turns 360 degrees if I press S while fighting instead of moving back and shooting at the same time. It doesnt make sense. There is zero precision. If I use the lock I cant move the camera, but if I dont my character will often aim at a thing I cant even see and jump towards it if the skill I am using allows it instead of attacking the one that is right next to me.