Halloween 2020 Bingo (Reverse) requires a Client Order I don't have (Hans - The Unknown Threat)

Has anyone else encountered this? I'm supposed to complete a client order from Hans called ' The Unknown Threat,' but he doesn't have this client order anywhere on his list. Unfortunately, I cannot complete my Bingo card (Reverse) without this.

Thanks for any help in advance! 20201014_212601_resized.jpg

Unlock Buster Quests by doing the episode 5 story and do a main match or 2. It should unlock then.

@Thedovahmon Thank you! That worked!

@Masseyfects where did you find
C-2 Bomber Valeda

@DragonSin-Tohru You can find it in the Bewitched Woods Expedition.

I don't have the Chroto quest, do I have to complete one of his other ones to get it?

@DreamOfFire9732 beat these quest from him

Time is money


a sticky situation

quite the predicament

a flexible test of skill

a quick test of skill

a dedicated test of skill

a test for your new rank

an airborne test of strength 1

@DreamOfFire9732 You need to clear Chroto's first client order, "Time Is Money" to unlock the "A Desperate Test of Strength I".

@Fiona-Respha ah i just beat them all

Thanks everyone for being so helpful!

guys, where exact location for killing goldrahda..?

@Idshironeko They are primarily in Mining Base UQs, but you can also find them in the Trick or Treat UQ (enough where you can finish the CO in ~4 to 6 runs, depending on if Dark Ragne spawns instead) and in the Bewitched Woods.


10 spawn every time here

story mission

episode 2


Rewrite History, Devour the Present


I have a question for the alliance in game would it be possible to add a mail feature that could send a email to every at once in the alliance if you are the leader or a officer instead off having to send them individually

@AndrlCh thanks for info, i finished the bingo card yesterday