Unlisted Racial Traits?

I have a feeling there are some unlisted traits for the PSO2 races that might give extra abilities.

[Possible Spoilers]

From what I picked up on while running the story lines is that the CAST seem to have higher endurance (Maria and SAGA out pacing others with training), and they seem to sense high energy sources (Risa and Maria seemingly able to detect Alma), I wonder what other hidden traits might be related to the CAST, since I'm running one as my main character.

Newmans and Deumans might also have some extra traits but so far I haven't seen that come up in the story mode yet.

Those differences apply to the older generations. Maria and Regius for one are from 1st generation ARKS. by 3rd generation the races are on roughly even footing for everything, with ability determined only by hard work and dedication, just how it should be.

CASTs do lose some of their photon ability when they are made, but these are people who were born with photon powers too high to begin with so I doubt it puts them below average.

@ZeeHero9271 That explains most of it, except the Risa is a 3rd generation ARKS yet was able to detect Alma and follow her (one of the episode 5 side quests), or could this be attributed to Risa being out of her mind most of the time?

Is Risa 3rd gen? pretty sure she's not. but Alma is able to be seen by anyone who has a connection to Xion, and it's possible that Risa actually does.

Maria and Regius can't see her, and they are definitely 1st gen

Race and Gender only have small modifiers for your base stats before any equipment - these ties in what you consider Cast to be more enduring etc.


Example would be like for Hunters at level 95- a male Cast will have 801 HP while a female Newman will have 704 HP. But for a force a male Cast only have 547 T-atk while a female Newman will have 627 T-atk.

Oh and Risa isn't 3rd gen, you will learn more about her in EP6 that I'm not going to spoil.

I know about the stat charts, as in the title, there might be unlisted traits.

Using the sotry mode cut scenes seems to hint at features for the different races, or based on the dialog when you talk to the character NPCs.