Outfits and Outer layer are broken in ensembles

It seems this update broke the ensembles for outer layers and outfits as even though you can have the item in your inventory or storage and equip it from there, but if you have an ensemble with that outfit or piece of outer layer it won't be able to equip said item.

@NotWhoUThink Well that's not good. Did you make a support ticket?

@Anarchy-Marine Well I'm not sure if it's a me problem or if it's happening to others as well.


It hasn’t happened to me if that helps any.

Did you perhaps get a second copy of the item, and then sell/store the original? If memory serves it needs you to have the exact same item, not just any item of the same name. I could be wrong though, I've not checked recently.. but its a possibility that might be what's happening.

@Tarina This happens to me all the time especially when I'm moving fashion to alts. Hard to keep track of which outerwear was saved in the ensemble when there's 3 copies of it sitting in storage. It has to be the exact one you had on when saving or else it errors out.

I could be wrong but I think I remember noticing that in the salon, only items which were in my character storage were actually selectable, not default/premium storage. So maybe it's related to where you're storing your fashion?

@Akonyl Yes, that's been like that since launch. Character storage gives direct access to the salon, as it's character related, whereas the standard storage is a shared storage between all characters, and thusly not applicable to the salon. I'm fairly certain this was done on purpose so that players could easily partition fashion choices between characters.

The outer layer items/outfits were mixed between my character and premium storage, and although I never moved some of the items to the premium storage in first place they were there after update. Still though even the items in character storage still had the same problem after the update.

@NotWhoUThink I haven't personally noticed this. This may be a bug on your end, or one of those weird SEGA bugs that hit some users, and not others. I'd still submit a support ticket. Just be sure that if you do, you are as descriptive as possible in regards to your issue.