Error code 816

So I've been banned this maintenance, but last I have checked I haven't done anything wrong, I've constantly played by the rules and haven't ever cheated, I've purchased items from the personal shop so I'm wondering if that might have been why, does anyone know how to fix this? I really don't want to restart

@GANGKILLER098 No clue im in same boat too. I googled and it looks like you just got to contact Gms through ticket. Any luck on your end? its been about a week

Yeah me too.
This is garbage.
I played JP and got banned for playing outside of Japan... then the game gets a global release and I get banned for... what?
I’ve spent nearly $100 on AC/SG and this sort of unceremonious banning is enraging and disrespectful to the customer.

I never bought meseta or items with RMT, posted offensive content, or AFK during raids. However, my PC a 7 year old potato at this point, and it constantly crashes while playing. I read the patch notes about this and quitting UQs is apparently grounds for a ban. I’m thinking I may have been wrongfully banned for my occasionally crashing out during these quests; it’s happened more than once.

Is there no appeal process? No warning? I never got an email or any sort of indication from Sega that my account was in danger.

I’ve tried researching this but I’m seeing all sorts of conflicting answers, and many of the threads are years old.
Does anyone have any solid info on this? The error message I’m getting says my account is suspended and to contact support. If it were a permaban, it’s seems a bit abrupt and haphazard; youd think they would word it differently or give some additional information via email.

You just have to email then through contact support. Same thing happens to another guy I saw on YouTube comments. Got banned today. I think it’s a permanent ban though based on the Twitter response. So might be hard to get your account back sadly. But you can try to appeal.

@meowimdead I sent a long-winded ticket explaining the situation. Hopefully they won’t just entirely blow off a loyal player/customer without a second thought.

I was reading old PSOWorld Forum threads of English players on JP version being banned for IP address violations with VPNs.
They also compiled a list of error codes and their translations.
From what I gather, any 800+ error code is a technical ban, but the recourse varies depending on the error message itself.
Mine says my account is currently suspended, and to contact support. That sounds innocuous; I wouldn’t expect that to be the message you get if you were eternally no-backsies permabanned. But then again, it could just be a poor translation.

Can you link to the Twitter response you saw? Or at least give me the gist of what the other player was told?

I've been banned with no word on anything. The only 'RMT' I've done is buy AC to get scratch items with the express intent of selling them on the market. Considering I've spent over 1000 dollars now doing this on global alone, you'd think they'd be a bit more careful about how they choose to ban. At the very least, I should have an explanation. But no, I'm just suspended with no word as to why.

@Bakaronii You were banned on 10/20 I presume?

Nah the same sutiation but unlike you, I am guilty of RMT. I have been playing since September 27, so after three days of playing, I didn't know anything about it and I bought a small amount of meseta twice so that it would not look basic 🙂 only at the beginning of November I started to buy AC SCRATCH TICKET (uh I probably spent ~ $ 500) so I'm in an uninteresting situation: ) I sent them a question on how long my account was suspended and whether it was a lifetime because I did not receive such information (I am writing that it is only temporary). PSO2 is free and creating a new steam account does not cost you anything (let's say) hm prefer to take all items from me, rather than create characters from scratch but we'll see what it will be. If the answer is negative, I will write to steam that I want to get my money back, since I cannot use these purchases. They probably didn't do anything but as an EU resident, my bank protects me and I have three months to cancel the card payment. I have never used this situation because honestly I never had to, but it always has to be the first time.

And for PSO2 I don't know if I will come back honestly. The game itself is a lot of fun but I have the impression that this game is a bottomless piggy bank. What matters most is how you look and considering the prices, Sega came up with it quite well with the AC SCRATCH TICKET.

Ive has my Steam and XBL account for ages (7 and 15 years respectively) so making new accounts for the sake of one game is kind of absurd imo. I’d just quit.
But yeah, I too have a great bank with an excellent fraud department and I will have all purchases to Sega refunded if they dont lift the ban. It’s a very heavy handed approach.
I love PSO2 itself and would prefer to continue playing. Most of my investment in the game isn’t monetary. I’ve invested a lot of time in the game this year, namely due to less social and travel plans due to the COVID lockdowns. That’s the most painful part of it. Doing my dailies has kind of become part of my after work routine.

All in all, this is really bad news and I will be livid if they hit me with a lifetime ban. Even if I were like you, @Cerventus, and guilty of RMT, I would still say it’s a bit harsh of Sega to lifetime ban an account that indulged in something they themselves have done very little to remedy (beyond threaten players with bans).

I’ll simply take my money back and walk away from the game forever, and Sega loses a consistent customer and a dedicated player.

That's why I wrote that I would prefer them to take everything from my account (SG and AC left because I still have it on my account) than to set up a new steam account only for PSO2, but it is always an option for people. Overall I think I have a sober look today. I have been playing since September 27 and only today I noticed that my counter is 255 hours. It comes out that I played 10h every day(remote learning via COVID - a lot of time) and I'm surprised because I did not feel it.


It’s on this webiste it states that it’s a permanent ban. I’m assuming only reason why it says contact support would be if you want to either appeal the ban or know why you were banned. Which you’ll know why you were banned based on the article I linked to you. So it’s probably telling you to contact if you wanna appeal it which probably will be nearly impossible to do. I read on other forums that it’s impossible to get ahold of sega but then again that was the Japanese version and I’m not sure how it’ll be run for global version release. Idk whose in charge of that over here so you could very well get someone to talk to . But don’t count on it because another person said it’s been over a week and no response from them. Best bet is to get your money back from the bank

@Cerventus Yeah but Ive been playing since March. Youve barely been playing a month.
I was at the current level cap on my HERO, BiS units, and lots of progress made toward my 15*(s). Just typing that knowing Im banned is gut wrenching.
I also had some AC and SG, but I couldn't give a whiff about that at this point. As I mentioned, my investment my mostly time and effort.

@meowimdead I read that article, and I admit its discouraging. I was not aware that there was a huge issue surrounding ToS violations. Im a JP vet so I never felt compelled to read the update notes unless I wanted to know the UQ schedule. On a side note, I noticed the article said over 31k accounts were banned for various reasons.... LOL. Holy crap. Sega may start bleeding players so badly they lift the bans just to keep the game afloat.
Id be surprised if this game got 30k players at peak hours. If an account was under investigation, they should have started with stern warnings instead of jumping right to the permabans. Just seems overly severe IMO I cant get over it.

@samplexample Yeah I understand where you are coming from. Usually most mmos give you a email warning letting you know that found suspicious activity on your account but sega is taking it more seriously and just banning though it doesn’t help any unless they ban IP adresses because the bots are still there making announcements as usual and on the marketplace so banning a bunch of bots including some innocent folks that may not be aware that they purchase things from bots in personal shop or other means is too far. But yes 31k is a striking number I was surprised there was that many lol. Any maybe they may lift the ban of people who actually contact them that seriously want their accounts back because what bot user would go through those measures lol they’d just make more bots. So unless they ban IP adresses it will never be resolved and more innocent bystanders could potentially loose their accounts. But sega has a right to ban at anytime as well so there’s that. And I’m sure the whales are keeping the game afloat regardless of rmters and botters and chat spammers.

@samplexample Also I I just read on the youtube video of another guy saying he bought something on player shop because it was cheap and he didn’t know it was from bots and also got banned. So they are getting anyone for anything.

@samplexample A permanent ban without warning does seem a little heavy handed. But, Sega has been giving warnings on their website and twitter about mass bans for RMT for months now. Everyone probably thought it was just bots and not actual players doing goofy things. Although, if a player already did something like buy Meseta or exploit the game already before these warnings, they're out of luck...