Bought AC through steam store

Hello, i just bought 2 x 1000AC Exchange Ticket through steam. It is showing in my steam inventory but not in game. Is it normal ? Any kind sirs that have a suggestion/solution ? 😃

Yeah same thing happened to me. According to the description it says it should automatically add the AC once I'm logged in, but I've restarted Steam and PSO2 a couple times now, but no go :<

You can also buy while already logged in, and it will work then too. (Which is what I do usually.)

AC will take 24-48 hours in order to arrive to your account the first time you purchase it as of this last maintenance. This is to ensure that phishers/scammers/botters are unable to use stolen credit cards to buy tons of items.

I am having this problem as well. the AC is on my inventory and wasn't delivered. So I will wait this time kurumi told us to see if I get it delivered.

It will be deliver in 24 hours. I received mine after 24 hours, bought 1500AC

I bought AC and SG through Steam a few times already, it lands in your Steam inventory and stays there until you log into PSO2, I have yet to have any issues with this system.

The transactions are almost seamless for me with only a few minute wait times on Steam, almost instant once I log into PSO2.

@LazerRay Did you bought em before the latest patch? Because the latest patch added that if its your first time purchasing dlc/sg/ac on steam, it will require 24 hours before you can get them.

@YoRHa-No-2-Type-B My first time was before the latest patch, most recent time was after

@LazerRay Then it make sense you get the item in an instant since it is not ur first time. I made another purchase after my first time, and got in in an instant too.

Thanks a lot for the replies guys, I will wait 24 hours... and Yorha, I am jealous because I want that sword skin ^^,

@OlsenSan Np, and you can get em too xD, from the market or from steam store >:D

this is so dumb. You only can switch server on maintenance day.. so i have to play solo on ship 4 for another week since i get what i paid for in 24 hours. Thanks for that.