We did it! Temporarily crashed the website!

It wasn't long, but if you look at my profile picture, you can see what the message is that displays when the website encountered too many users at once.

Though it is an inconvenience, I am excited! That means the HYPE IS REAL!

Hopefully the game server can handle the load for the CBT, especially since the time is very limited.

If the closed beta can't handle the load, then that's gonna look bad for Microsoft lol. Since part of the reason they wanted to help bring PSO2 over, is to "show off" their Azure cloud servers. Which supposedly they are using their best kind of servers for PSO2 NA. (by sounds of it*)

At least I'd like to hope that should mean it's unlikely to have that much server performance issues, but guess will see.

*This is from some "behind the scenes" interview that had someone from Microsoft and Sega, about their development/collaboration on PSO2 NA/Azure servers. (https://www.gamebusiness.jp/article/2019/07/22/15987.html, It's in Japanese but Google translate doesn't seem that bad >.>)

@RocKiee-Kyrosu their Azure Cloud Servers are supposed to be very nifty, but it doesn't necessarily have to be the servers themselves that cause performance issues. In an environment I currently work in, we have a project to migrate to a new type of Network, but if we don't do it correctly, our cloud servers will suffer greatly from routing issues.

Sometimes network issues aren't found until a certain amount of traffic is generated, but I have faith in these guys!