Soooo, Urgent Quest schedules lateness

This has been suggested a lot. They aren't very helpful when not on time.

You've posted the schedule on time like once, maybe twice from what I remember and it was well received? What happened? We all want it on time, you know we want it on time, it's not complicated.

I don't play much on the Tuesdays before scheduled maintenance. Mainly because of this.

You can do one of 2 things to make players happy. Post the schedule on time, or include the Tuesday before maintenance as the last day on the schedule.

Only reason I think hasn't been done properly cause there's no monetary value in doing so, if you don't do it, you just have some upset players (this does make sega look bad though, in my opinion).

Where the schedule should be in regards to announcements: list.jpg

See the schedule is after the maintenance announcement and before any other announcements? It's better early, than late. Please and thank you!

well because I have in my phone the notifications of the UQs I did notice they were still writting then today, even more when I got a notification saying test 10 minutes early to a concert, so the team responsible for the callendar probably is getting the info too late to do the schedule to cover the Tuesdays