Give Personal Shop Ticket or 1-3 Days Premium Ticket For Each Shop Investigation.

Hello PSO2 Team. First, I'd like to commend you on the on-going battles of RMT-Sellers and duplication exploits. It is no easy task. Please take your time with fixing the shops so that people can no longer duplicate or do things that would harm the economy of PSO2.

However, for the sake of people's Premium consumption, please distribute a Premium ticket that equals to the longevity of the investigation. SG, Tri-Boost and Gold Keys are nice, but to deny people a product they can't really use, as most solely get Premium features for shop usage, feels like a bit of a cheap move. I feel this would benefit the community a lot as free players can experience a day of Premium, and perhaps wants to invest into AC in the future while players who buy AC regularly will be compensated for lost days where they could not use the shops.

If you absolutely cannot give 1-3 days of Premium Ticket, then at least some form of Free Personal Shop for the duration of the investigation. That way, you can take your time with it, and most players will be happy and will begin to trust your company again.

Please don't take this as some sort of salt post. It's just that I am seeing a lot of people being unhappy about this even if the situation is dire and is within reason why you'd close the shops with a single warning. Personally, I don't mind my premium being wasted because I know it is for a good reason. Not everyone thinks that way and rightfully so as it is an investment with little communication on the matter.

Thanks for extending the premium/shop services by 31 hours! This means a great deal for many people playing PSO2. You may lock the thread now.

yes i was about to thank them on twitter too, i was one of the people bitching a lot about it. tehehe

Thank you so much for listening.