Global players and character design.

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As for people's other looks.....I try not to judge. But I don't enjoy most looks people go for.

It is not an obligation to make characters others will Iike to look at for hours on end. I am perfectly fine with the fact I like how my characters look. Other players' opinions on that are irrelevant.

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Why don't you post your characters and show everyone how it's done? 😛

This will be good

Honestly I've never used a character creator I really like and don't end up making minor tweaks to a pre-made option. It's rough to make a really good looking face that's not generic or a copy of someone else's. I remember TERA slider pics being a massive thing at launch and sure everyone looked pretty... and pretty much the same. I tried looking through older JP guides for how to make a good looking face in PSO2. Ended up getting super nitpicky over my alts for several hours and just said fork it after realizing I'll never be happy or get it matching right. Time better spend grinding for fashion.

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Why don't you post your characters and show everyone how it's done? 😛

Sure thing pal. People sit in this thread and say it's impossible to make decent looking characters (Might be the reason why every character I see in FFXIV has pink hair, cat ears/rabbit ears etc. and looks the same) god I absolutely love people who do the whole "Well let's see you do better" argument, it's like I personally attacked you or something, and it just tickles me! #CreativityisDead

alt text

alt text

alt text

There ya go, your turn.

I didn't want to show my character for the Global version but I will do so now:

NA Killjoy.png

I avoided uploading in case I was harassed in game but I feel I do a good job with my character design. What I am trying to say is that I feel sometimes it is personal preference that dictates character design while the bots will just be default characters since their only purpose is illegal services and new players need time to build up to a good character design. Give them time 🙂


You’re the first person I’ve seen actually wearing that hairstyle, it oddly looks really good.

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You’re the first person I’ve seen actually wearing that hairstyle, it oddly looks really good.

Thanks 🙂 @Milk

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All of them

uh huh...... oooof.PNG


Very deep I see. face-customization.jpg

You could of just said the customization was too complex for you ya know. Sega appreciates your efforts and all but BDO's character creator is way more complex and detailed. Not sure what game development has to do with anything but game seems optimized fine enough. I don't think anyone playing global with their launch can really call out another game company. Even more so when back in the day PSO2 was wiping hardrives. I think that is pretty piss poor game development and optimization myself.

Wow didn’t know you could go that deep!

Some people like to meme, some people like to make aesthetically pleasing characters, some people even like to make themselves irl, we're all different, we all enjoy different things. What matters in the end is that we're enjoying the game.

In short:

alt text

And here, you can have my character's Insta, knock yourself out.


Yes this is true. I just take issue with people who basically make their characters looking like sex toys. It gets a bit exhausting to see the millionth succubus or thicc girl wearing essentially stickers and a wash cloth. I can get behind a good meme look. But those Character looks specifically annoy me. But I don't confront anyone on their looks. They do what they want. Not my place to tell them otherwise.

@Knight-Raime haha I understand that very well! I don't like the sex toy look, so I try not to use it. hell, I'd love to see the male plate armor that is in Fresh Finds be usable for the females instead of the existing female plate armor in there.

Personally, if I'm worrying about fashion for my character, I want something doesn't seem...what's the term...whorish. Thankfully there are a lot of options in this game.

I mean to be fair in terms of cosmetics it can it pretty expensive. pso20201013_235110_009.jpg

To get my female Cast that doesn't look like oversexualized I had to send a character to Ship 1, get the entire Chevalier set for something like 30 million Meseta, and send the character back to Ship 4 all of which took 4 weeks because the set is 4 times as expensive on Ship 4 because the items weren't available on Ship 4. Fashion can get stupid expensive, especially when it isn't generic looking.


Nice lookin' Elezen. I haven't played FFXIV for years.



Fire away. 😬

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I've been in a quest to find good looking characters which weren't created by pressing random or display at least 5 minutes of tweaking so they don't look like deformed goblins.

Sadly, I found very very few, buuuuuut the ones that look good look really good.

What's wrong with Global players? Why do they abandon their character so? They have millions and millions in accessories, hairstyles, body paints, yet they do nothing with sliders.

Is this perhaps the average western beauty standard?

I think majority of Global players haven’t played a MMO with character customization like this really. The majority don’t really have originality, well on Ship 1 anyways. It’s either borderline nude, wear what everyone is wearing, or wearing Fresh Finds/Mission Pass outerwear with gear not stealth(ed).

I consider myself fashionably knowledgeable in this game and I think people don’t utilize accessories enough for original designs. For example the Wilca Veil, I only bought it cause it was cheap and now it’s a main piece of my character. I still get comments on it and my rounded cordial hat because most people don’t have or use it. Not to mention players really don’t use body paint even though they can really make or break your outfit.

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honestly only time i really notice people's characters are in lobby or in shopping district. I do see a lot of the premade general ones sure but they're almost always new players. Most the people that been around a bit it seems put a lot of time into their characters and whatever look they choose. I don't even want to attempt to count the number of hours I've spent in the salon tweaking one character or another just because something bothered me long enough. The crossbar slider can be confusing, have to choose the right options in the drop-down boxes and play around a bit with it, as sometimes it really doesn't change anything and other times it's a bit drastic. I don't think there's a slidebar I don't touch at least in one minor way or another when I make a character lol. Some are cosplay type characters based off other personas, others are original creations. But hanging around B-34 on Ship1 I see TONS of great character designs, both in originals and cosplays. Always fun to see someone make a new character or a new player get into the spirit of it and see what they come up with 🙂 even if sometimes it's an eyesore =x at least they tried lol