Global players and character design.

Can confirm my character is lazyily made and stupid looking and I don't care because the CC felt very limited anyway.

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Can confirm my character is lazyily made and stupid looking and I don't care because the CC felt very limited anyway.

You must be the first person to think that the CC in PSO 2 is very limited....

@Scerms77 I can't say it's "very limited" but while I'm not gonna place one over the other, I personally felt more satisfied with Blade and Soul's creator. As explained before in this thread, some of PSO2's sliders move and affect several parts directly instead of moving just one per slider. So, not "very limited" but it was also not the most intuitive to my preferences either.

NOW, I'm comparing a 2012 editor with a 2016 one (at least speaking about official release dates), and that may not be too fair. But, a much older character creator from 2003 was made for Second Life, and that one allowed an impressive amount of editing for it's time, regardless of the 2003 polygon body it was made for, which was pretty low poly and not smooth at all. The good thing about that one was that it also edited a single part per slider, and it had a lot of sliders. And since SL is still up now, people can try it for free. And better, the team behind it added some more features, so everything looks slightly better nowadays.

TLDR PSO2's editor is great, but at least in my opinion, it could have been so much more, if we were allowed to edit a single part per slider.


The thing that annoys me is the sliders are defended because it’s an old game yet Aion is from 2008 and their customization was groundbreaking. I literally could make anything, from beautiful to horrifyingly ugly.

I like to customize characters, I’m that person spending eight hours on The Sims editing every detail or pushing customization to its absolute limit. I can usually make something, this game being no exception.

I don’t know why people somehow take offense to that or say “you were doing something wrong then” when its flaws are pointed out. I can work around flaws but I’m not going to praise bad design.

Lately my biggest complaint is makeup. I own all the makeup and I’m still unsatisfied. Why wasn’t there just a color slider for lips? I wanted to add some color to my male alt’s lips without it being a shiny gloss. The design choices for the CC make no sense to me sometimes.

Honestly I am one of those people that are satisfied with how it is now but I do hope more options come in PSO2 NGS.

@Milk I can't say I've seen way too many character creators out there, but I can say that none has been the perfect one for me. Yes, I like many of them from different games, but they all have this one thing (or two) that prevents it from being the one to destroy all others. Even Second Life's super extensive creator had a bunch of limits, which is why people (myself included) learned to create their own models on blender or other 3d applications. And even THEN there are some limits.

In the case of PSO2, I'm more or less in the middle of the opinion. I won't bash it and the year it was made doesn't matter much to me. It's the skill of the dev team and what they wanted to create that matters most, which is why we see better creators in some older games. Here I feel Sega did want a good creator, but maybe they didn't have the tools or expertise to do something that much better than what they had before, which was good but was even more limited. Still, props for what they currently have, and the promise for a better creator for NG. Though I doubt we will be out of the issue of having multiple parts per slider. But I'll cling to hope on that one.

@Milk The sliders are good as they are, but could still be better. Nothing wrong with wanting reasonable improvements to character creation/customization. I don't know why anyone would be upset at you for asking for that. I mean more is usually better in that regard than less. I've seen some really cool character designs already with what we have at current.


You’re right, none of them quite have everything. I’m excited to see if we get improvements with NGS. I still love this game overall, I find the CC lacking but the gameplay is one of the best imho.


Beats me. I think they’re fair criticisms. People work around flaws in any game and still produce something beautiful. I’ve seen some very nice looking characters on my ship with the creative use of accessory manipulation and choosing clothes that hide any unwanted features/accentuate features they like.

If I could have just one change to CC it would be to separate butt from waist. Increasing butt size right now increases your lower stomach fat and it’s very noticeable in many outfits. One of my characters looks straight up pregnant in some clothes so I either lower the fullness or restrict wardrobe.

@Milk My biggest current problem is with the male armpit area for thin characters. My male is thin everywhere. As in Yugioh thin. But because we can't properly adjust arm width with shoulder length (or I haven't found how yet), I get something more akin to a stickman. Increasing overall chest width (which is the only thing the editor allows) hides the problem a little bit, but that creates other issues with the design I wanted. Also not having the full height slider means my character looks very long legged as well. But whatevs. Gotta respect the wishes of whoever censored it all...

@ZorokiHanuke PSo2 has some great sliders, but the "Good" kinda ends at the body and physical features. the outfit system is among the worst, even though they have neat outfits.

I still put in effort to make my characters pretty/cute/beautiful becuase I CARE about the character. I do not do "Avatars" I put a little thought into even characters I'll probably never RP.

Why would you play such a game if you didn't care about making real characters? go play fortnite if you lack the creativity.

@ZeeHero9271 Good, bad, and what one can do with sliders is, in my opinion, up to the person editing stuff with them. Yes, of course, any game with body edit features will completely destroy face/hair-only editors, since very few people will zoom into the faces of other characters in games. And to make matters worse, most games make characters disappear if zoomed too close anyway. So a game with a face/hair-only editor kills itself by not having a body editor, because it makes everyone look the same at a distance.

Some games (mostly mobile) go around this by making body types tied to classes. Like a female knight class having only the tall well developed woman body type, and the mage having the shorter frail shape. Other games won't even care and everyone looks like clones just with different outfits and hair styles. So indeed we can't deny that PSO2 is well above many games out there as editors go. Here you wouldn't know what class someone is if they don't have a visible weapon equipped. And that's good.

I also take care to try and make my characters look the way I want. I do not roleplay, but that doesn't mean I'll just throw a default look on my character either (though there's no issue with people who do just that). I already spent several passes and quite a few hours on my 4 characters until I found more or less something I could settle on for the time being.

As for the clothing system, can' say it's bad. I've seen worse. But I would have preferred a more classic top/bottom/gloves/shoes/hat system, with full body outfits taking more than one of those slots if needed.

Limiting how the body is to different classes is an incredibly bad "feature" in fact one of the games with the most amazing editors ever allowed people do do all kinds of clipping- and people got CREATIVE with it. made all kinds of amazing things.

The same thing that allows players to make good well thought out creations will allow them to make monstrosities. you can't both have a good editor and try to limit what people can do with it too much.

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@Valinda said in Global players and character design.:

Can confirm my character is lazyily made and stupid looking and I don't care because the CC felt very limited anyway.

You must be the first person to think that the CC in PSO 2 is very limited....

It's a step up from the other games in the series, especially freaking PSU, I'll give it that.