Global players and character design.

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Can confirm my character is lazyily made and stupid looking and I don't care because the CC felt very limited anyway.

You must be the first person to think that the CC in PSO 2 is very limited....

It's a step up from the other games in the series, especially freaking PSU, I'll give it that.

Pso2 sliders are amazing, the OUTFITS are limited and also most good ones locked behind a paywall or a massive amount of meseta.

Given I used to play a couple games most people never heard of, but had the greatest outfit makers of all time, despite failing badly at gameplay.

Yeah I'm not gonna "Perfect World" this game just for outfits and other stuff. I was tempted but SEGA can keep their AC stuff lol.

@Valinda Are you referring to the chinese scam in company disguise Perfect World Entertainment, where games go to slowly die into shells and zombies?


By “Yugioh” I hope you made Bakura, I always wanted to make a cosplay character.


I know what you mean, my male alt is supposed to be a graceful elf but instead of Legolas I’m getting Slenderman vibes. It’s very difficult to make, right now I’m using clothes to give the illusion. If I make him too thin I also have to deal with his hands and feet looking gigantic.

@Milk I mentioned yugioh but I know nothing about that franchise. Only that there are some very thin people on it. Anyway. I couldn't find a good balance for my male, so I cover him up with a hood and robe like clothing. I'm a bit more satisfied on how my females look, though. Like the one I already posted a page or two back.