do pet rariety upgade keep the stats or not

at some point im gonna be trying to get light versions of my pets an know it gonna be easyier to just get the low tier eggs an then evovle there rareity. Moslt all pets are either lv 100 or in the 80+ range but elements are abit random as n.n; i just was more focused on getting pets an not caring too much of there element at the start. So if i do the whole rariety upgrade with low tier light versions with the eggs i have will they inhert the stats or just the rariety. I am guessing that it wont keep the stats that were pumped into higher tier pet eggs an just upgrade there rariety. If so xD then guess i gonna have to farm the folders to get another set of the higher tier eggs.

pet keeps the extra stat bonus you get from eggs, they are cumulative until reaching their cap however those stats aren't much higher so they don't cause a significant impact over the pet damage, also to not have to deal with the random element that the pet can come just use the unknown eggs you get.

@Jamesmor i know this im saying if i use the lv 100 eggs as rarity enchancement on fresh light egg will the stats from the lv 100 egg that been used as the rarity enchment will it take the stats from the 100 egg or not

@ShadowBlood89 no they won't, only the bonus stats will be added and that's it, however the exp the pet will gain will be much higher because the higher is the level of the egg you give to then, higher is the exp they will give

@Jamesmor ok still not asnwering as im NOT DOING SYSNTHESIS of the 100 egg into a fresh egg. talking about RAREITY ENCHANCEMENT of the fresh egg with the 100 egg, would it have the bonus stats of the egg added in.

so guess i will need to get light version of the pet egg an get another copy of the 13* an do the rarety enchament then will feed the lv 100 egg of the pet into it so i have the light element version with all the bonus stats i have been working hard on.

@ShadowBlood89 raise the rarity also does not transfer stats it only raises the rarity of the pet and allows you to switch personality

Rarity enhancement does exactly what it does. The only thing that can potentially not transfer is the element / type / etc. (This is a choice though.)