More Cuento Themed Fashion And Collaboration With More MMo Franchise.

Ps02 while space tech is nice there should also be incorporation of classical themes like the kingdom of episode 5

some armour designs highlighted i want in pos02. 361ed02f-e3c7-484a-aa21-f64cfa50f473-image.png

Collaboration With Other MMO Franchise Should also Allow Us To VS Their Monsters And Obtain Their Armour And Weapon Camo And Accessories. A Collaboration Scratch Tickets These Would Sell. Monster Hunter World de7aa952-cdaa-4e68-a22b-d7f08b1b777a-image.png ca769a64-a0c7-4a45-b209-b092f5792d18-image.png

FFXIV FF15 FF7 50a92d04-0f39-46bb-80ff-69d752c6d1de-image.png

4dee4193-1cd8-48e2-a830-5f60f769e44d-image.png d8ff9502-852b-4dbc-98d6-a8eb0685d304-image.png cbb1ee75-82b2-4d85-8961-8fa357b69a36-image.png efb2d545-5dd6-4895-9ea7-4fb9b3a47e29-image.png 37b7df03-0e28-4865-addd-e5c323d9d8a2-image.png 9744cb9f-36af-4d96-b482-5b1e73acaa7d-image.png Dragon Quest 8 Dragon Quest 11 XI d8fc2246-6afd-4080-b729-473500456dae-image.png 369d077d-48fa-4686-987a-02c7a8641efe-image.png

d463e9f2-d9d7-4984-92ec-a8b2403c0965-image.png 55bf659e-94d1-4359-8030-85492e88c569-image.png a00109a9-6118-4de2-9da6-3a5c6487a236-image.png

DMC 59088625-504b-4f39-8f28-53233c997f28-image.png

here we go again with you not doing research before coming with a suggestion, Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter already have a collab scratch ticket and I don't doubt Dragon Quest can also have one, so if you did a little search before posting it will have less than half the images you put here

@Jamesmor Its Including their new armour sets