[SHIP 01: FEOH] Geek Squad Recruiting! #1 Rankings


Main Alliance Name: Geek Squad

Main Alliance Type: Competitive, Leaderboards, Active, Events

Leaderboard ARKs Trophies: Two (2) 1st Place Trophies for Alliance Rankings & One (1) 5th Place Trophy for Rare Item Acquisitions

Sister Alliance Name: Geek Squad INC.

Sister Alliance Type: Social, At your Own Pace, Fashion is Endgame!

TimeZones: All-Inclusive Community!

Geek Squad is back at it again with another recruitment for active ARKs Operatives who enjoy communicating, grinding, and chillaxing while Looking to Be Apart of something *Fun & Amazing!

Geek Squad has Ranked 1st Place BACK-2-BACK in the current past 3 Seasons/Resets for Alliance Rankings

(you may via Visiphone -> #1 in Previous Rankings, #1 in Latest Rankings, #1 in Current Rankings)

photos attached below

  1. Our Main Alliance Geek Squad is Currently Competitively Ranked #1 this SZN, once again!

  2. Our Casual/Chill/“Fashion is Endgame” Sister Alliance Geek Squad INC. Ranked #27 Last SZN!, and Currently Ranks #55 this SZN!

We have a professionally organized Level 3 Discord Nitro ServeR (voice comms included) and many guides and tips for new and veteran players to check out!

We host Casino Nights, 12-Man Urgent Quest/Explorations/Ultis/Triggers, Fashion Shows, and AC Raffle Events WEEKLY

We are reaching out to all skill levels & experiences to see if anyone was interested in building with us to continue to make Geek Squad amazing!

(Geek Squad Currently has 80/100 slots)

We accept Small & Big Groups!

If you are interested please Comment Below, DM me, or contact any of these players below:

Main Alliance Officers (Competitive Grind)


PNID: KFC (KFC#6969)

PNID: Player ID (KingSounga#8031)

PNID: Ulzzang69 (Ulzzang69#1337)

PNID: Kikimono-Yaku (Summoner of Souls Louie.#6900)

PNID: WhiteWolfS16 (@WhiteWolfS16#4134)

PNID: MerkinEm187 (@MerkinEm187#3092)

PNID: WAR TotalPower (@TotalPower8115#8539)

Sister Alliance Officers (Fashion Grind/Chill)


PNID: Popeyes (KFC#6969)

PNID: FrostyFeet (Frosty#3039)

PNID: Phent (Kaji#3071)

PNID: Abyssal Reaver (DG Draconian#2730)

PNID: seth215 (seth#6803)


Leader PNID: KFC

Leader Gamertag: Mr EatsKFCalot

Leader Discord: KFC#6969 490D389B-7E98-4E40-84CF-429D332CD918.jpeg D736C29B-45A5-4627-B75B-DD22CACB5C75.jpeg 25D6493B-0C34-428A-B149-EE8BCC976B2A.jpeg 4461CDE5-E85C-4F65-88B1-BF7885C1B640.jpeg DEB9561A-AE32-4DA0-9B77-AF2712BE9900.jpeg 83D378E3-2A03-4D71-B757-7470225B7655.jpeg

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