Hey ARKS Ops,

Yamato v2 has been on the global servers since September 23rd; Three weeks have gone by while we've combed the item logs for all drops on each ship in Global. Unfortunately, our findings indicate a strong possibility that something may be wrong with the drop pool or rates in NA in regards to the very coveted 14* Weapons that should have been added to the quest. Specifically, none of them appear to have dropped at all.

If you're interested, I've made a video here discussing the concerns and the case for them.

I'm not trying to be alarmist, but I just feel like the word should be gotten out to those who might well be unaware; It's only fair, after all, since a number of people paid good star gems for these triggers. They have a right to know ahead of time the scope of what may be happening, so they can make decisions regarding saving their remaining triggers and so on.