Spixs Arks

Hi, I'm Doc Asvel, a (real) Italian doctor and (big) fan of the Phantasy Star saga, since the first game of the series on Master System. Ours is a FUN-based Alliance. We have fun in Playing together on Pso2 Helping new players Communicate on our Discord channel Talking about everything that goes through our minds, without prejudice or problems whatsoever. I am a short time ago, we had almost 100 users, but ... Big numbers and few really active players, they don't get along, so we made a lot of space, for those who want to try their hand at FUN. You can find us on ship number three, feel free to contact me here, on this topic, or with pm. Or again in Pso2. For The Fu-fu-fuuuuuun! XD

I am AgitoAG/Yami. An Officer for the Spixs ARKs, our Alliance. Please feel free to contact me as well on the Xbox side of things. My Gamertag is xOmnypotent. We hope to see you online!