Tale of two collaboration announcements

3:20 -4:36 [JP announcement of Nier] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzBpSBk-FOU&ab_channel=PhantasystarCh


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlE17ctLeJs&ab_channel=PhantasyStarOnline2-Global [NA announcement of Nier]

This is clearly nitpicking but I appreciate the effort that goes into showcasing new things that people are going to spend their money on. This isn't the first time things have been displayed like this but I just couldn't resist seeing the differences in effort when it comes to JP vs NA in all things whether that be limited quests with exclusive (hard to get) drops, quarterly events,etc.

Nonetheless guess thanks for the collab, I wont enjoy it but many others will but... let's work on our flare here. 😉

you are just asking too much lol..

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They could even let those passes, what makes you think they would spend their "precious" time on advertising something lol...

Every announcement is trash compared to JP ones.

Give it time, or not. It doesn't matter, the game lives on.

Yeah I mean it just sucks like as someone who plays on the JP server (more on NA since I fell too far behind on JP even tho I got like 2b meseta/100m+ tickets & can buy everything lol) I just want the same effort given to the game I've played for years.

It was clear when I saw the livestream that the people who is apart of the team were clueless, like that one guy did not even know why PSO2 went into the fantasy realm i.e reliving their true roots but it's w/e can't expect people to actually put effort into their jobs just take a look at support responses to issues lol.

@Maxwell said in Tale of two collaboration announcements:

It was clear when I saw the livestream that the people who is apart of the team were clueless, like that one guy did not even know why PSO2 went into the fantasy realm i.e reliving their true roots...

I mean... I wouldn't call the series roots as being fantasy. From the first game, the series was always meant to be a Science Fiction series with Fantasy elements with the game's director drawing inspiration from the likes of Star Wars. So even though elements like say... Dragons, Vampires and Medusa were a thing in the first Phantasy Star... the game still took place in a setting with a futuristic society with advanced technology such as robotics and space travel and each planet having its own 'alien' inhabitants. The rest of the series (outside of III which was handled by a different team altogether) dropped many of these elements altogether. As such the statement still does stand true as EPISODE 5 is seriously the most in which the franchise had gone into the fantasy realm before IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga released.

Other than that all other criticisms regarding the presentation are valid. I do believe things would improve for New Genesis; most of the announcements concerning New Genesis were literally the Japanese video... but in English. But for now, we have two teams (Sega of Japan who run the entire game and ESTsoft who are responsible for Community Management, Support and Promotion) who've ben established need to improve their communication.

@Leonkh99 Well the "True roots" comments was derived from Satoshi Sakai during the livestream that aired for EP5 where they spoke about PSO2 going back to their roots.

If you played the originals, and even pso/pso portable, you already know the game is wayyyy more sci fi with hints of fantasy usually through enemies and ps3, which already was an outlier). This is not even a argument, doesn't matter at the devs or livestream or whatever...all the history is available to parse for oneself.

That said, gimme my space suits, they can keep all this fantasy stuff if it comes down to it.