Switch Shot?

Yet another thing I'm trying to find and cannot. I'm assuming Ra and Gu ranged Multipliers don't effect the pet with switch Shot on? Or is it just not worth mentioning?

I know the switch's are there for the damage types of whatever's higher but I'm curious if the bonuses from Ra and Gu apply here like Valiant or wise stance from Fi.

Anyone know?

Switch Shot changes the Pwr that your Pet uses from TEC-Pwr to RNG-Pwr, but it does not change the damage type from Tec(Pet) to Ranged, so any Ranged damage multipliers will still not apply.

For Ranger, the only damage Skill that will apply to your Pet (aside from "Ranged Power Up" if you are suing Switch Shot) would be First Hit.

For Gunner, Perfectionist, Advanced Aerial, and Chain Trigger would apply (but Chain Finisher would not since it is a Main-Class-Only Skill).


Much appreciated o/