I tried to submit a ticket for an in game issue I am having. When i go to Contact us now, I am prompted with Voluntary Email Registration. I supply my email and Opt in. I am then redirected to this URL https://pso2.com/zendesksignout?kind=error&message=User+is+invalid%3A+External+okXStrJ%2B8QIL4IhHWIBM5o6ekIfb4kYEUZET%2BY8uRgTK2q5yBHRZXUIDhvZsX093+has+already+been+taken From here there is nothing i can do. All I have is a completely white screen. If i refresh then i am immediately logged back out and get stuck in an infinite loop of logging in and getting logged back out. I have tried this on Chrome, Firefox and Edge. I have also tried to use my phone to submit a ticket but i keep having the same issue. I am a Steam user if that matters. I saw there are people with steam that are exclusively having this issue when login into the website.

I have not be able to find any fixes to this issue. I have tried resetting my cookies if that matters to re-allow them and set them for the recommended settings. I do not know what else I can do to help. Till this is fixed, I can not submit any tickets about PSO2 at all.

Please help.