upgraded back/ lvlida kibbs +7 to back/ cleasis kibbs +0

so i recently did upgrade from lvlida kibs to cleasis kibbs but it didnt keep its enchancement levels an had all the natural affixes on it removed an having just stamina I on it. upgraded arms/ lvlida rift that i had at +7 as i was upgrading each unit to same enchancement levels, as that way i get to get more out of my enchancements. an well alliance member told me i could upgrade the lvlida units an so i did as i been runing buster quests so had enough cleasis boosters for 2 upgrades an so i did. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/shadowblood89/screenshot/20795835 here picture of the units an can see that the back cleasis kibbs came out messed up also can see that i still have the lvlida kibbs but also have the cleasis kibbs which is bugged out as think game didnt keep the affixes an enchancement lvs

You show 2 Back/ units in the photo and 1 Arms/. The one with stamina I looks like a random drop from BQ's.

I think if you check your storage you will find your Legs unit...

ya it seems i was too tired an hadn't noticed i had a dropped version of the item in my inventory