Buster Quest Bug

I was playing buster quest grade 3 and a player was incapacitated during the first fight with the castrum where you target the core. The player was down for the duration of the quest and could not be revived when we finished and returned to the tent area. I have also noticed that If I charge resta/deband/shifta my character does not move back to the field with the other players when the core is destroyed until I release or at the very least it's delayed a fair bit. There's also a bug where you can't leave your party after completing the buster quest, you can only return to the lobby and have to remove yourself from the party after. All these issues appear intermittent. I did check the forum and couldn't find anything similar but if someone has already raised this then please remove.

I was gutted on two seperate run to get NO loot what so ever. Even though on one I got the rainow stardrop .