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uh dude? PSo2 has always been a weeb game...anime girl and loly stuff. If you dislike this much, you are playing a wrong game.

Not sure if you tagged the wrong person here, since I was not the one arguing specifically about the Nier collab (in fact I'll be one of the few who will get the 9S bundle BECAUSE of the 9S outfit). But it's also true that anime and anime gaming have been totally inundated with the same, now tasteless tropes, and as such, getting to quality stuff, or at least non repetitive stuff, may take more time now than before. Happens when things go mainstream and everyone wants to cash in, just like it happened to the gaming industry back in 1983.

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yeap. Like the meme said. I fear no man, but that, that scares me. And yeah, the anime version is also hit or miss on me. It doesn't score too many extra points either.

Now back on topic, speaking of direct purchases of tradeable stuff, this would be the better scenario if you could buy more of one copy of the items. This would allow spread to the free players since people would be buying extras to sell. Not completely sure how it'd affect the running in game economy of this specific game, though. But based on other games where this was a common practice, things ran pretty well.

I am within a half and half with this pack situation;

One half - I like the RNG aspect of the gatcha, and getting what you can - and buying what you can with in game dosh. Gives the game its economy, and on a personal level, the gatcha is a nice feeling getting bits you want with - reasonable cash spend. And if you didn't get what you want? Save and buy it in the shop (unless its pole dance.... how much???) But i see the negative side to that - RNG drop's with huge cash input for stuff you may dislike just to have to spend your hard earned in game dosh just to get what you want - but is that a personal issue over a game issue? (i spent around £200~ish over the time playing, most would call that whale? - debatable i would say)

Second half - having the packs means you are expecting and willing to pay for selective items based upon a decided factor - which is great if you are getting majority in one pack - but that steep price is off putting - but not so much when you are spending XYZ per month via the gatcha. (as stated, £200~ish over many months) - but if you put that into roughly £80ish for whats on hand - is that value for money for EXACTLY what i want?

I feel an better answer to this would of been maybe cheaper packs at a "item lock" so you are unable to buy and sell the items to make profit - but at a more reasonable price (£15/£20?) and have the normal Gatcha tickets - but with the abuilty to trade. That gives Whales the chance to just "outright buy" and get it over with - but others can Gatcha and play the market and give the in game economy the up heave, along with likely getting what they want with in-game currency?

But ultimately, its down to us as a community to establish whats B-S and whats accountable... Personally regardless of outcome, i feel the prices are very steep still, for the value of content over the value of cost.

But thats my "5 Cents" to the topic.

I am not fond of them (I feel the price is too high for what you get, and am not particularly fond of that weeb/loli stuff), so I will not buy them. I don't mind that they exist though, as there are some people that do like what these collaboration packs are offering.

So long as they're not offering power in these kinds of things, just cosmetics, I don't see much of a problem with them. One day, perhaps, they'll release something I'd be willing to go for. Maybe something like the outfits from the old school Phantasy Star games ( I-IV). I'd love to see me some old school Phantasy Star.

Here's an example. Back when Tera was properly managed, the economy ran on cosmetics. Tera had two main ways for this. First, many of the outfits came in two variants. The direct purchase variant was usually the default, base look, while the gacha rng outfit had more bells and whistles, like improved colors, more bling, and in some cases, more skin being shown (because that stuff sells). Both kinds of outfits could be sold on the player markets for in game gold.

Regular paying users could buy the base outfits directly and drop them on the player shop, generating a moderate income. While the super lucky and the whales could gacha for the improved stuff and once obtained, would sell for a premium price. That gold was re inserted into the game economy as these players bought materials to enhance their gear, or get the full gear from players who farmed the stuff, thus giving both free and paying players the opportunity to grow. Paying users had access to in game gold without external RMT, and free players had access to cosmetics they wouldn't be able to obtain in any other way.

PSO2 could do something similar (minus the improved bling outfit stuff) by selling some outfits in direct purchase packs, so those buying can sell on the player market.

@ZorokiHanuke Ah, apology in order, it was late night when I replied that comment and must have been very sleepy to pay attention lol.

@Dark-Falz-Persona No probs. happens to everyone.


I agree with you. I think it should be available for everybody, either cash or meseta. When I started buying scratch items I only wanted one thing that wasn’t dropping so I sold(and still sometimes sell) at cost on the personal shops. I’m also impatient with sales when I’m trying to buy something asap so players have definitely benefitted, as such my stuff sells within minutes. I wouldn’t be able to do that with the package deal.

If the package items can even be sold, players will have to make the choice what they want to part with since they will only be able to buy once. Prices will be outrageous for meseta buyers. I would also like the option for both.

Anyone else not seeing the packs available to purchase? I don't see them in my store and my country is a supported country by Global so I am not sure here.

I’m pleasantly surprised people are being fair with selling the items. I bought the 2b pack and intend on keeping everything but the Snow and Ruby versions of the outfit were only 13m on my ship, I’ve seen regular AC scratch outfits go for much higher. The original color is still pricey but not absurd. I hope everyone gets their outfits!

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Anyone else not seeing the packs available to purchase? I don't see them in my store and my country is a supported country by Global so I am not sure here.

I found the packs in the end.

Its funny cause they cost more than the actual game

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Its funny cause they cost more than the actual game

well the game is free to play. So it was expected.


And any other MMO would charge $18-$35 per outfit and make you pay extra for the hair and accessories. Cosmetics are a hot commodity, no MMO is going to make them cheaper.

Neat the packs are tradeable come with x2 of each item and have no buy limit, This system is 10x better then scratch tickets, thanks guys ❤

Nice they let them be sellable/tradeable in market. +1