NieR Collab Packs

So how does everyone feel about these?

Packs -

  • 35 dollars each but guaranteed items.

  • 1 Purchase per account means not a lot of these items possibly appearing on the market and if so prices will be high.


Scratches -

  • Not guaranteed a specific item but can be cheaper.

  • More items on the player market

While the items are guaranteed, chances are people will want things from each pack; it's not like you can pick or choose. Assuming they're tradeable, that's not necessarily a fix either due to limited stock.

Gacha model is garbage, but not a big fan of "pack model" either.

Also... where is the room disc? Unless I'm blind.

I think they should stop with these yucky weeb collabs and collab with something more cultured like Cats (the musical) or Adastra.


I'll take it, hope you can trade the items from the pack.

I think the packs are worse this time around. If they give things that could help players like boosters or keys then it would be a bit better because the hero and heroine packs give that. The Sonic pack is really good for what you pay for since 60 dollars nets you some inventory and storage expansions and 12 scratch tickets which make me go "Okay I can accept this I guess". I don't even want all these items just certain ones but because they're in packs unless they're tradeable I can't just get the one item but all of them. I only play Male CAST so any of the female outfits are worthless to me but if want something like Emil head or the pods or even 2B sword I have to get it all or not get it at all. Really hoping these are tradeable but even then this is very scummy.

They're treating NA as a piggy bank.. this Collab was an AC scratch on JP not once but twice and yes people do want things from different packs. Sega knows what they are soing by sprinkling high ticket items in each pack. It's to intice you to buy all 3 at a whopping 34.99 ea..

Oh here's the JP AC scratch

Only good thing about the packs is that they come with 2X BAs and accessories, so no worries about binding to account. Other than that, they may be a bit overpriced.

@Verkins same easy money.

lawlz, the emote is tied to 9S pack

They give 2x of every unlock item (except emotes that only need one.) They won't be tradable, since you pay real money for them rather than AC.

@coldreactive As far as I understand, Hero/Heroine pack are sold the same way, and most of the pack (if not all) is being sold for absurdly cheap on the player market last time I checked. That one doesn't have emotes if I remember correctly, though. Also, and also as far as I understand, AC cannot be obtained through any other way than through paying real money, so anything from an AC scratch comes from essentially real money as well, unlike SG's hybrid nature. But guess we will see what limitations this comes with when the stuff releases...

@coldreactive all the other items in the other packs are tradable so I'm pretty sure the same will apply to these packs.

also for those thinking that Sega is making easy money out those packs is the opposite because people won't whale for AC tickets like is in the scratch tickets and will just buy the pack they want, obviously for those who buy costume from other players is worse but for those paying this is a better deal.

Honestly support this move since in AC scratches it is RNG and sometimes you will never get what you want so by doing this we can get what we want. Only pack I question is the emote being tied to the second pack since I kinda find that weird.

Screenshot (530)_LI.jpg I guess 9S is gonna get a part remodeled =x

@Ryonz Those are actually just Female versions of 9S outfits - they made 9S outfit for both genders while A2 and 2B are female only. The picture you posted even shows the female version of 9S outfit below the table