Wow! I really enjoyed episode 1,2,3!

Never really thought these in game story lines in game were that good, I prejudge. Nice balance with story and game play! Also like the music. Very surprised it was really good. Going share this with some more of my family. I believe they will enjoy it.

Nice job Sega! On the real!

@RainGnyu lol bro lol I loved episode 1 2 mind messed with me 3 was awsome. 4 and 5 for me were nothing short of epic

I enjoyed the story a lot too, I thought the first half of ep1 was a bit of a mess but one you hit the naverius ruins the story really picks up and just got better and better right through to the end of ep 3. Ep 4 was a huge let down for me, though the last couple of chapters did get better, but I have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far of ep 5, though I haven’t done a great deal yet.

I dunno. 2 and 3 were the only ones I cared about in any sort of way, and even then the Harukotan sections were questionable. There was some good drama with Luther and the characters I guess. 1 was really, really slow. The presentation was also really dry. In any case none of the episodes were good enough I’d tell someone to play PSO2 for the story, but for a while there an effort was made.

Yeah, this game's storylines are actually pretty good. The emotional moments are the ones that really makes the story shine, like matoi's moment in ep3 or what happens to two very good characters after the fight between omega hunar falz in ep5. The dub is SUPER good too. Like, wow. I actually prefer the English dub over the japanese dub

I'm looking forward to whats in store in episode 6.