[SHIP 1] Timeless, a home for those old and new alike.


Timeless is currently recruiting and we're looking for players that wish to grow with us and reach endgame content with us. We prefer players from either NA or EU.

Alliance priorities

  • Building up members to efficiently farm up alliance points for alliance buffs

  • Establishing a closely-knit community (yes we are going to socialize, however,don't feel pressured to if you don't want to)

  • Unlocking the level 8 alliance xp tree (Currently at level 6)

  • Reaching endgame (ultimate quests etc) and grinding together

  • Events and giveaways once we reach certain player thresholds

When we begin to get more traction, we will also start to implement alliance exclusive events such as casino nights and alliance exclusive grind parties either in ultimate quests or in vhaqs.

If you're still unsure of whether or not you should join an alliance, you could still join our discord at https://discord.gg/DdEK4BE .If you're interested in joining you can either scout our alliance, but try to give us a little introduction (the effort counts), or just message the leader or one of the officers (coming soon) in the discord!

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Discord link if reading is something you wish not to do: https://discord.gg/DdEK4BE

We are still looking for people to join us and help us grow.

Bump. We are always looking for lost souls that are searching for a home.