I've been looking through the S-Grade augments on the wiki and I've been told that the S-Grade augments are better than the regular augments for endgame. But, I don't know for sure which S-Grade augments would be best for a player like me. I am a level 90 Hunter and I am currently leveling up Fighter (which I just got to level 89). Even when leveling up Fighter, I've still been using a sword. A sword is the only weapon type I have ever used. I have NEVER guarded against a single attack outside of the tutorial/training missions, so any of them like S4: Instant Guard Photons would never work for me. (Heck, for the first 300+ hours of me playing this game, I didn't even know that blocking attacks existed in this game. I've now played for over 800 hours between the 2 characters I've made.) So what S-Grade augments would be best for me to try to get?